Atomic’s one handed coders rebrand Fallujah game as Six Hours in My Lai

virtual rapeNMT has obtained screenshots from Atomic Games ‘Six Days in Fallujah,’ traded p2p and remarketed as Six Hours in My Lai. There was no budget to modify the OIF coalition uniforms to resemble the Vietnam GIs, but who’s looking at the clothing? Nostalgic vets will find the rape reenactments unremarkably familar. In reality the mayhem of My Lai and My Khe lasted 28 hours, not six, but industry research indicates that cyber ejaculators rarely have more than a six hour window before a landlady looks in on them.

Gaming studies remain inconclusive about whether virtual sex stimulation augments with cumulative scorekeeping. It will require a scientific leap before computer health levels can fortify a real-world refractory period. Otherwise virtual serial binges cannot build on themselves like the longer pyramid games of Civilization or World Of Warcraft.

okinawa schoolgirl rapeJapanese game publisher Konami, forced by civilian outcry to drop a distribution deal for Atomic’s Fallujah first person shooter, is pleased that the salient gangbang modules will find their way to end-user Marine Corps wannabes. Konami already has a bestselling Raper II title, an Okinawa schoolgirl adventure for American servicemen. Konami’s own one-handed programmers are set to adapt the Atomic code for the Japanese market. The human trafficking of Iraqi orphans into US contractor Army brothels becomes Korean Comfort Women; US combat depravity becomes The Rape of Nanking.

Deprived of being able to cash in on the Fallujah atrocity allure, Atomic Games is looking for sympathy from the Support the Troops crowd. Atomic laid off the soldiers on its staff, issuing this statement:

“We wish to assure the dozens of Marine veterans who have collectively invested hundreds of hours in this project that, while we have been badly wounded, we will fight on. The stories of your brothers’ courage and sacrifice in Fallujah must be shared with the world.”

By historical accounts, are they referring to the virtual sequences between the levels of action which act like silent movie inter-titles to link the running and jumping to a bigger story? Where the plot points are inviolate can be the only teaching moments in an otherwise chose-your-adventure killing spree. Where will there be opportunity for gamers to show courage and sacrifice with only a menu of rape and murder?

Let’s be clear. The Fallujah video game was not about soldiering. It did not mean to replicate the experience of 99.9% of the American soldiers who served in the battle for Fallujah. A first person shooter is not about following orders, falling in, or self-sacrifice. An FPS is about four wheeling a personal path of personal destruction. Atomic’s Six Days in Fallujah was a spring break for Grand Theft Auto sex tourists.

NMT is equally concerned about the lost Fallujah stories which may have been the narrative of the gameplay. The world should hear of the turning back all male refugees, of the White Phosphorous and sniper Free Fire Zones. The lost Fallujah action sequences no doubt exploited the armored vehicles crushing the Iraqi wounded, and the role of the helicopter gunships over the river, Red Bridge and the Fallujah hospital.

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5 Responses to Atomic’s one handed coders rebrand Fallujah game as Six Hours in My Lai

  1. Avatar Justin says:

    I’m more than a little bothered by your blatant lies about the game you’re reporting on – not to mention the posturing within.

    For starters, you did not ‘obtain’ screen-shoots of a game that, for all intent purposes, never made it past a pre-alpha development stage. Good try though… the screen-shot you did “find” was that of Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas’ “Hot Coffee” controversy…in 2004.

    The screen-shot that follows it was found, using the TinEye website, to be a prevalent screen-capture on a pornography forum. How classy of your sources.

    I won’t even touch on the numbers I pulled for the traffic you receive.

    Just, in the future, do yourselves a little bit of journalistic integrity. Don’t outright make shit up.



  2. Avatar Justin says:

    Also, I forget to mention that Atomic and Konami could take advantage of the libelous position you’ve left yourselves in-that is, of course, should they expect that your site could potentially damage or tarnish their name(s).

    “Raper 2”, by Konami…really? Are you fresh out of secondary school Mr. Verlo?

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was just recently released and in five days time it broke half a BILLION dollars in sales.

    Please do not pander on about how war games, shooters, or even games in general offend everyone’s sensitivities. Especially given the glaringly obvious fact that you (and I’m sure there are many more like you) who don’t play games, yet speak about them as if you had any idea what the medium is.

    I’ve played MW2 (and MW1) and I have to say from my own opinion, that I found the story of Modern Warfare 2 to be quite compelling, parts even where I found myself saddened at a betrayal or a loss of a squad-mate – even elation at a point or two when once-thought-lost characters (from previous games) turned out to be alright. All of that from penned fiction, sir. Fiction.

    While I may concede that it may ruffle feathers to release Six Days, I think it’s proximity to ‘home’ says nothing to the fact that it could perform -if not outperform- MW2 in the arena of telling a story that was cast in a dignified light.

    And before you begin spouting forth a gout of hot air about the “other side” of the Battle of Fallujah…please do have some common sense – you wrote an article based on your theory that Atomic did (or would) include the most horrific occurrences possible. And that would not be the case as they are not a shill for your propaganda-esque site.

    And for the record, I’m twenty-seven, gainfully employed, soon to begin culinary school, and have only ever received two speeding violations in my whole life. I’ve been a gamer since games were played on cassette tape – look it up, “Coleco Adam”.

    That being said, I’m not some mindless killer in the making. I’m fully capable of weighing out right and wrong and it’s something I don’t need the government or a pseudo-news site to tell me how to go about it.

    I leave you with this little peace of wisdom:

    Games, just like film, can invoke a positive emotional response, although not always a happy one.

    Good day,


  3. Avatar tony logan says:

    Justin, any truth to the NMT rumor that you will be soon found defending Atomic Games release of its 2 newest games, Six Days in the Warsaw Ghetto and My Lai as being good wholesome entertainment in your own unlearnled dumb ass opinion?

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Or the Call of “duty” series Modern Warfare-2 which actually rewards War Crimes like deliberately targeting civilians? You know, the one that’s supposed to be the “hottest gift for Christmas”? Yep, celebrate murder and rape and destruction. Happy Birthday to the Prince of Peace.

    The Pentagon and Blackwater disgraced every aspect of the Fallujah Massacre from the Fallujah Four getting their War Criminal asses hanged on the brldge all the way to the Army and Marines being ordered in to “avenge their sacrifice”. They were murderers and rapists and got their Karmic Due. What goes around comes back around.

    Now they’re celebrated by whiny-ass “conservatives” who scream about being Victims of “liberals’ because we point out what they truly are.

    So, Justin, when ya gonna enlist?

    Guess the War Games aren’t nearly as much fun if people shoot back at you.

    Or hang you from a bridge.

  5. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Oh, and I can’t help but wonder, since Young Justin knows so much about Sexually Violent games which simulate (and mayhaps sTimulate) Gang-Rape that he can tell the difference just from two screen shots, tell us, please do, Justin…

    Does your Parole Officer know you play Rape Games?

    Happy Birthday to the Prince of Peace.

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