Tex Allen The Crook joins Bernie the Bad Billionaire headed for prison

sir-allenSure, Tex Al calls himself ‘Sir Allen’ Stanford and likes to host cricket tournaments, but he’s a fifth generation ordinary Texas business crook and not some Grand British Lawdy. He’s going to jail soon!
US tycoon charged over $8bn fraud.

And there he will most likely join the aging Bernard Madoff, whose white crime haul was well over $50 billion. Oops! ‘Bernie’ still is not in jail despite stealing more than anybody else ever did from duh people! He is free on bail but must stay at his Upper East Side apartment. America really is a get tough on crime country, aren’t we?

‘Sir Allen’ specialized in robbing the Latin American ‘investors’. Hundreds line up at Stanford offices in Venezuela So how did our ever so lert SEC and FBI find out about this guy? He’s a tricky Texas business class criminal, sin’t he? Strangely enough, the answer may well be because Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, investigated him first? Yes he did!

‘Officials from Venezuelan military intelligence raided a branch of Sir Allen Stanford’s offshore bank over claims that its employees were paid by the CIA to spy on the south American country.’ …taken from Cricket tycoon Sir Allen Stanford caught up in spying row That happened early last November and now our lert American Federal officials nabbed the big guy! Crime ever pays, Bernie! Psst… (that’s Sir Allen with another man’s wife on his knee in the pic…. Bad Boy, Sir Allen!)

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2 Responses to Tex Allen The Crook joins Bernie the Bad Billionaire headed for prison

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Incredibly, the police did not arrest Sir Al even after locating this fugitive who hid himself away for several days from the law. Obviously there are two sets of laws on the books in this awful pretense of a democracy called the USA. Rob pennies and go to jail forever. Rob billions? Well take a rest at home, Big Guy.

    What a fucked up society we live in! See ‘Agents find billionaire Stanford’ at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7900666.stm

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Incredibly the Feds found him and he’s still not under arrest and no criminal charges have yet been brought against him, though he is accused of only having $90 million real asset value in a ponzi scheme of a firm he represented to investors as having a value of $50 billion! Lets’ round off $90 million to $100 million and we see that he claimed around 500 times the value for his criminal enterprise than it actually had!

    If you picked up some food and left the store without paying, you might be liable for some long time in prison? But be a rich criminal like ‘Sir Al’ is, cart off 98.8% of the store for yourself, and look how slow the cops go with getting you into the police car? It’s America where the law protects us all on our dollar value assigned by our wallets ..!…uh… I meant paper stock portfolios!

    See the latest… U.S. charges ( in civil court, not criminal!) Stanford with massive Ponzi scheme http://www.reuters.com/article/newsOne/idUSTRE51Q66G20090228

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