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Bernard Madoff serves time incognito

You and I fight traffic tickets, Phil Spector fights charges that he put a gun to a woman’s mouth and pulled the trigger, he fights for years. Everyone fights against the long arm of the law, except Bernie Madoff. Does … Continue reading

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Billionaire bank robbers do not go to jail

I thought there was something odd with a headline about a recent break in a 2001 murder case: Arrest of inmate imminent. Probably it makes perfect sense to hasten with the arrest of someone already incarcerated. Meanwhile, Allan Stanford, suspected … Continue reading

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Tex Allen The Crook joins Bernie the Bad Billionaire headed for prison

Sure, Tex Al calls himself ‘Sir Allen’ Stanford and likes to host cricket tournaments, but he’s a fifth generation ordinary Texas business crook and not some Grand British Lawdy. He’s going to jail soon!   US tycoon charged over $8bn … Continue reading

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Is Charles Manson getting out in 2012? Absolutely!

Today on the public radio, I heard PRI’s Matthew Bell pose a question for the program The World. “Is President Bush underrated?” His verdict: “Absolutely!” Well the answer wasn’t Bell’s, actually. But the attribution fell outside the sound bite: Bell … Continue reading

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