Pentagon resorts again to The Big Lie

PinocchioAs image-change time arrives this next Tuesday for the US Government, the Pentagon has resorted once again to The Big Lie. The Whopper this time (NO, not the WOMD thing again just yet!) is that the Pentagon says: 61 ex-Guantanamo inmates return to terrorism! Yeah… Don’t laugh.

How many lies will the US government direct its military spokespeople to commit? That POWs are not really POWs is the big one, of course. Per the Pentagon, POWs are called ‘enemy combatants’ that they then say are not subject to the international laws supposedly governing the treatment of prisoners of war. The Pentagon says that it can do anything to them, another BIG LIE. But of course it is not a lie when they say it.

But this latest nonsense from our government and its State Terrorist force is this bit about all these ‘terrorists’ that they so nicely just let go, all now menacing America once again because, I guess?, the Pentagon is just too nice and sweet to the folk? Was that your impression of the US military, that they are the good guys out there being so very responsible and decent? Pure BS, isn’t it?

I know. ‘Our boys’ are just following orders and they are just not to blame for the bad decisions ands so on of their CIC, blah, blah, blah…. Poor GIs! Don’t blame them for the actions of the PR louts that make up this horseshit lying stuff up, or the top war dogs that command them to kill, lame, and otherwise destroy innocent men. They got a job to do, which of course is defending you and I so that we can be free to say the stuff I am saying now and blah, blah, blah… Did I state that position correctly?

So be very careful since Gitmo will be closed down. The TERROR ALERT will most certainly go back up to RED! since 61 of these bad guys are back on their job of causing us ‘mericans misery. I’m scared. So very scared of this! I heard it from The Pentagon. …the Pentagon Pinocchio. So it must not be true!

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  1. You take a devout Muslim,torture him and abuse his religion.terrorise him with dogs,force him to participate in mock executions and mock sexual degradation.Do this for years and years when most were probably shop keepers and then be surprised if some of them hate you.Guantanamo is the best training ground for terrorists since Abu Ghraib.Us support for Israel’s murder in Gaza is now number one.

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