The WMDs are in Israel!

Israel Gaza flamethrower
NAZI seige of Gaza continues, heartless Obama refuses to utter a single word of restraint. The world can just forget about “hope.” … all those poor, deluded souls who “believe” things will actually change when President Bush-lite is inaugurated on the 20th.

While the cowardly Obama bows down to his Zionist puppet masters, Nazis bomb schools full of kids. Damn Israel to Hell, forever!

List of Zionist traitors in the US government. What do you know, pretty much everyone who lied the country into war in Iraq is on that list!

Photo gallery of children murdered by the Nazis. The Israelis are no longer even human.

Are Comparisons Of Apartheid Israel To Nazi Germany Fair To Nazis?

Pay-to-play Democrats:

Bill Richardson withdraws his nomination for Secretary of Commerce, on news that he is under investigation for giving a company gov’t contracts after they donated $100,000 to him.

Hillary apparently has a very similar problem, and for exactly the same amount. What do you bet she refuses to do the right thing, like Richardson, and holds out until Obama kicks her out?

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s Jan 6 notes,

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