The indelible shame of the Jewish State.

How Israel is terrorizing the Palestinian people: They are dropping leaflets everywhere in Gaza City warning people to leave immediately, and dropping leaflets outside Gaza City warning everyone to go to Gaza City immediately. (video)

There is no excuse for genocide. UN says Israel admits it LIED about why it attacked those schools and MURDERED those children.

UN to investigate Israeli war crimes in Gaza. The world should spend the next 50 years hunting down the Zionists and their defenders, and try them in the Hague just as they did the Nazis at Nuremburg.

The coming war with Iran. AIPAC co-founder to become Secretary of State’s top advisor on Iran. He’s been pushing for a US attack on Iran for years, there can be no doubt about Obama’s intentions anymore.

Politics is just organized corporate crime. Obama lied about not letting lobbyists on his team, he’s hired a defense contractor lobbyist to be deputy chief at the Pentagon!

IL governor Blagojevich impeached. See how easy it is? We could have gotten rid of Bush years ago, if the Democrats weren’t such PUSSIES. Seems they will only vote to impeach another Democrat!

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s Jan 9 notes,

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