Time-line of the IDF assault on Gaza.

OK, this isn’t going to be precise.

Gaza was under attack from the IDF through “The Fence” and the Starvation Sanctions imposed by Israel long before the rocket attacks.

Because Hamas had been ELECTED as representatives.

That makes the Sanctions an unlawful act of war in and of themselves.

It also leaves open the notion, which IDF doesn’t disprove in any way, that the rocket attacks were actually staged.

That and the known FACT that they weren’t actually hitting real targets in Israel.

As quickly acknowledged by the IDF spokesfreaks before quickly moving on to More “Kill all Arabs” hate speech.

Depriving people in a Nation that Does Not Fall Under Your Jurisprudence of food and medicines and other necessities of life under the excuse that you don’t like the people they elected as a Government?

That’s hubris of a high order.

Welcome BACK, “Melissa Cook”

Your IP address is exactly the same one as Ali Duran.

Didn’t even bother switching to a masquerade server.

Unless you’re sitting on Its lap you must be the same Anonymous Entity which is Afraid to Reveal Its Name.

When you stole the name “Melissa” out of the phone book, perhaps it just shows your general lack of education, but Melissa means (Roughly) “sweet” in Latin.

Mel being “honey”.

Such a Sweet Name for such a Bitter Troll.

Does your Hatred burn, like the fires of Hell?

What, were you rejected by the American Army?

or was it their puppets in IDF?

Trust me you’re not missing much by not being in the military.

Unless you feel a life totally dedicated to Obedience to other people is some kind of beneficial lifestyle.

so giyus recruited you.

“Here is Your Chance, oh Keyboard Warrior!
Your Only Chance to be a Hero in a Real War instead of those online fantasy games you wrap yourself up in! Be a Soldier For Israel, even though we don’t represent all of Israel even, and certainly not all Jews!

Be a Soldier for us

even though you get no compensation other than being able to call yourself,
privately so you don’t embarrass us,
A Genuine Israeli War Hero!”

Maybe if you could get over your internal confusion and decide once and for all whether you’re a girl or a boy the Real Military might accept you.

7 thoughts on “Time-line of the IDF assault on Gaza.

  1. These asshole internet creeps from the Israeli military propaganda squad always seem to use make up names like Ali Doo Doo Ran. Hezbollah didn’t run in Lebanon , You Jerks! Now did they? You wish they had!

    ‘Cook’ up some more spam will you, IDF? You’re too stupid to win this game, you know? Your propaganda is falling flat. You’re too obvious. Israel is falling apart ideologically and you guys are the truest illustration of that.

  2. Ok here is some comic relief. If Israelis are so frightened by the Quassam Rockets, then why, Oh why, do they use them as “garden art” ?? Southern Israel uses quassam rockets as garden art!!!! They are SO afraid!!! Inquiring minds want to know. Just take a look at the photos on this guys blog showing the lovely displays they have created in their gardens using tiny little rockets from HAMAS


    Additionally, check out the difference in damage between the Israelis and the Palestinians rocket fire here;


    Want more comic relief? If they were not living on former Palestinian land they stole, then they’d not be in range of the Quassam rockets

    LOL go figure!

  3. Interesting you post Michael Totten’s blog, since he’s pro-Israel. As for the reason behind using the Hamas rockets as art, this sentiment, below, sums it up: Defiance
    “Turning a murderous instrument with your name on it into a community showpiece is a way of taking ownership of it, laughing at it even. Your rockets don’t scare us. They’re just garden art now. We’re still here. And you keep missing the target.”

  4. good on ye tony! But watch it they will come for your site next, they dont like people to see their handiwork you know. The IDF and Israeli govt have their worker bees who do their bidding online to defend israel’s actions and killings. (as if the indefensible can be defended) but the JIDF and GIYUS try their hearts out dont they. They are going after youtube channels and blogs and facebook accounts and wikipedia among others. See my latest blog on this.

  5. I just turned a Hamas Kassam into a lovely vase that is on my coffee table. I call it terrorist chic.

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