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Biggest Badass Black Friday in history and the markets are tanking.

got it off yahoo finance, fresh from the fire. Maybe Jared Kuchner (or however he spells his last name) can accidentally fall off the top of 666 Park Ave and if he lands on any of the Trump Klan it’s … Continue reading

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Coppelia and the Viennese Hesitation

If you are hardwired with a cultural affliction like mine, if you find yourself with a compulsive affinity for the waltz, I’ll wager you will also be a sucker for what’s called the Viennese Hesitation. It was just such a … Continue reading

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The mouse & the lion, but whose thorn?

Mickey Mouse vs. the Persian Lion. This is the best graphic I’ve yet encountered, lampooning the US presumption to scold Iran.   Brilliant! Iran as an ancient engraving affronted by a corny shadow.   How fortuitous the two figures are … Continue reading

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Freezing the elderly to death in America

Most of us have heard about the 93-year-old man in Bay City, Michigan who had the utility company freeze him to death when they turned the power off. He had not paid his utility bill of $1,000 outstanding, but he … Continue reading

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Obama outed himself as a bigot when he crawled into bed with Rick Warren

Just like Clinton, Obama won’t hesitate to throw gays to the dogs if he thinks it will buy him a single vote from the rabid right. I told you he wasn’t to be trusted. And just as we saw with … Continue reading

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‘Missile shield’, or nuclear war weapon placement in Poland?

It is a sign of the Orwellian double speak of our imperialist capitalist Empire times, that a weapon to wage nuclear war with is now being called a ‘missile defence shield’. See Polish President Lech Kaczynski stressed the missile defence … Continue reading

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Can Russians do worse than US soldiers?

I’m listening right now to live alarmist coverage of Russia’s occupation of Georgia. Embeds are reporting to analysts about the panicked Georgians, about forced labor, and about marauding Russian soldiers committing atrocities. A cease fire has been signed, and though … Continue reading

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The ideal soldier shoots for Beijing gold

The Olympic Games are almost upon us. Which contests are you most looking forward to? I tend to like them all, even the events that aren’t immediately understood as sport, like table tennis, rhythmic gymnastics and archery. One event that … Continue reading

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