Fox News is the media’s Sarah Palin

Do you wonder how it is Fox News can retain its broadcasting license? While traditional news outlets scrupulously uphold a pretense of objectivity, Fox spews forth with unapologetic propaganda, often easily debunked. You’d think our government could prosecute Fox for abuse of the public airwaves, for propagating untruths, even treason. Is it that regulators must not be seen to pick on conservative voices, or that this comically-rendered caricature of the Right is better than a real critic? They may be unfunny clowns, but they’re our clowns.

Fox as a distinct role within the corporate media. As Palin to Obama, or Mel Gibson to the Israeli Lobby, they’re bogeymen meant to frighten in a calculated way.

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2 Responses to Fox News is the media’s Sarah Palin

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    The policies they espouse are still the giant dead stinking albatross hanging around our national and global neck.

    Perhaps their license isn’t revoked precisely because the same corporations which fund them own the governments of the world.
    They control at their own estimate 80+ percent of global wealth, and at more “marxist” estimates 95%. It’s how they get very stupid people to go out in the streets and defend the corporate oligarchy which spits upon them as readily as any other group of those they regard as Peasants.

    And rig the courts to the point that anybody who espouses any other form of economics can be summarily imprisoned on whatever charges the Local Prosecutors wish. On a slow day they allow their officers to apparently for nothing more than their own amusement simply kill a Peasant or three, and their Ministry of Lies, (not limited to Fox) whips up the “patriotic” fervor of the other peasants against any criticism of those deeds. Oscar Grant for instance.

    And mobilize a “revolution” of radical conformism.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    It would only be considered “treason” if they actually OPPOSED the government which they say victimizes and suppresses them.

    Or acted against the wishes of those institutions.

    They have the slaves boldly standing up for continued slavery.

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