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Wikileaks- US State Dept ties Haitian aid to acceptance of wage slavery

When the outgoing Haitian Govt insisted on the whopping huge $5 a DAY minimum wage instead of the three dollars a day being offered by the Corporate-owned U.S.A.I.D., their pet sellouts at State Dept, which has been trying to put a stranglehold on who does or does not do business with Haiti since, like, Forever, endorsed a U.S.A.I.D. report that Haiti wasn’t as badly harmed by the earthquake and thus, the Haitian people owe the aid money back.
Welcome to the Global Plantation.
I wonders, yes I does, how much Gov Scott Walker, Rep Paul Ryan, Gov LePage of Maine, Rick GoodHair of Texas, The Chambers of Commerce, and their Local Anti-worker ToolsTrained Monkeys like Paige, Patchsi, Janis Heuberger, Jeff Crank, Malkin, Tancredo, and the entire City Council, the Mayor and County Commissioners have in their own personal stock portfolios on this?
Slavery by low wage and high debt IS their main way of doing business.
How about it, anti-Union anti-Working Class PUNKS? Sound off on how morally superior and righteous you are in defense of Slavery.

Council still don’t get it, asked Jeff Crank for help…

Local aptly-named Corporato-Fascist Crank.
Anyway, they still pretend not to “get” what opposition Working Class people would have to privatizing part of OUR park for the profits of THEIR corporate sponsors. Methinks they’re lying through their teeth.
Look, Herpin, Leigh, Princess Barbie, you’ve come out on the side of using the Colorado Springs Gestapo Department as publicly funded private Shock Troops in your war against Anybody With Less Money than you.
This is only ONE aspect of it. By privatizing even part of the park you’ll be denying access to the park for anybody who doesn’t meet YOUR snobbish elitist Fascist standards for citizenship. Your colleagues in the Former City Council made sure that the pigs can profile anybody who “looks homeless” and target that person for special harassment.
You don’t represent anybody who doesn’t have enough money to fit in with your Wealthy Royalty.
If you have an “upscale” restaurant in OUR park, that means you’ll be spending Public Funds for the Pigs to be chasing us out OUR park based on your pretense that the Gentlemen and Ladies of More Limited Means being seen around YOUR Elitist Restaurant would drive away business, the same way your FASCIST overlords deemed the reason for YOUR real estate businesses failing was Visible Poverty. You lied then, and you’re lying now.
YOUR fascist list of “undesirables” is filled to the top with people who are the WORKERS WHO PUT THE FOOD INTO YOUR BLOATED LYING MOUTHS, bitches. How plain does one have to make it?
“Cleaning Up” our neighborhood, in your Racist Fascist Mindset, means running out anybody who isn’t a Wealthy Thief like you.
And, true to Republican form, you’re not going to do it on your own, or even on your own dime. You’ll use Other People to fight your battles for you then while you and your sows and your Piglets are eating at YOUR publicly funded Private Domain, maybe for entertainment you’ll get to SNEER at any Working Class person being Beaten, Tasered, Arrested,

and Tasered again for daring to be too close to YOUR publicly funded Private Domain. At Public expense.
It’s typical of Fascist Leaders like yourselves that you’re too cowardly to fight your own battles. Your lot of sodding wanker Gits are really disgusting.

If YOU are the “elites” of our society, by your own Ayn Rand “Heroes” reckoning, then perhaps it’s time you were deposed.

You’ve gotten your money on the sweaty backs of the Poor who you despise so much as to declare us Undesirables, and as Princess Lisa said, not worthy of being in HER parks.
(Remember your snotty little comments about non-Wealthy people being allowed in Acacia Park among you and your “darling” little piglets, Princess?
Those of us who you wish to arbitrarily exclude remember it very well, Bitch.)
None of you earned a dime of the Wealth you’ve stolen. The only way you keep any of it is to have Scions of the Working Class (sellouts) in the Military and Police Establishment to keep the Non-Monied Class in America and abroad from rising up.

Yeah, bring on Jeff Crank to help you out, he’s just another Cowardly Right Wing Punk.

Judge-shooter Bruce Nozolino indicted before Facebook friends can jump ship

Bob Balink, Jeff Crank, Bob Beauprez, Kent Lambert and Dave SchulteisConservative petition-circulator Bruce Nozolino warned would-be litigants that he had a reputation, “a propensity to shoot judges and lawyers” and it turns out whoever got in his way. He poses with a rifle on his Facebook profile. Today a local grand jury indicted Nozolino for murder. While Nozolino loitered outside the courthouse beyond a boundary court-ordered by the judge, his associate Doug Bruce was granted immunity for testifying against him. Other Republican friends were not so lucky. Local cronies Bob Balink and Jeff Crank and state crazies Bob Beauprez, Kent Lambert and Dave Schulteis have ties to the self-styled gun-toting avenger, and Facebook has the paper trail! There’s also Robin Coran, whose profile pic features attack-mite Michelle Malkin, local Tea Party heavies Crista Huff and Michelle Morin (Who unfriended Nozolino as I typed this), and other locals who I’ll list here for posterity: “Bob” Clark, Andy McElhany, Carolyn Borgwardt, Jim Pfaff, Judy Rydberg Reyher, Kathy Peterson, Kay Rendleman, Mark H. Barker, Robert J. Lane, Shawn Mitchell, Tom Wiens. This “Likes Cooking bacon with a machine-gun” profile is almost too perfect to be believed, but you can’t claim a Facebook friendship without being accepted.

Paperhanging and intensified targeting of Dark-Skinned Americans by DHS

So, predictably (thus, often predicted) Darker Skinned Americans are now, in an unofficially official manner, targeted by “law” Enforcement once more merely because of our “dark brooding menacing swarthy appearance”. A matter of Fear which often visits the Ruling Class. I used to experience it every summer during Revival Season, because some preachers like to pump up the “Jungle Fever” Hamites-and-other-persons-of-color-being-born-evil blatant racism. Get down from the trees and onto your knees routine. For a while, too, in Ft Worth and a shorter while in El Paso, I had a job called “paperhanging”, putting advertisements on doors. There’s a lot of semantics involved in all of this, phrases and words which mean far different things to different social groups.

When we put out the Grocery Store circulars, weekly, we typically had 3 and sometimes 4 different circulars, Safeway, Buddies, Affiliated, Piggly-Wiggly… because in that long gone era there actually would be that many “super”markets in walking distance of a persons house. And they didn’t have an in-store StarBuck$ or MacDonalds either. Mind you, this was when I was young and Dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

We would put the circulars on doors or, if there was a fence, hang them on the gatepost.

Semantics 101 here, “paperhanging” also refers to Installing Wallpaper, an almost forgotten trade. If done right you would have a better-than-painted appearance to your interior walls that would last decades. If done wrong it would be an invitation to roaches.
It’s also a slang term for deliberately writing No-Funds Checks, like the Bush Regime with their “Check is in the mail” lie where a Bond Issue, mostly to foreign governments and foreign corporations (who want their money back now) insteading of taxing the Very Rich in America, the ONLY group who benefit from the so-called “patriot” act and the “war on terror”, in order to fund those very expensive enterprises. Without the Rich Pigs who started and maintain them actually having to pay for them. Or so the promise goes.

So, on this job, I walked all day. In all kinds of weather, mostly hot and sticky weather, and in many different neighborhoods. Some were a pleasure in which to work, usually, surprise, Minority neighborhoods, where the people tended to be a little further Off-White in skin tone. They had their own community enforcement, still do actually, and in reality a rich person would be safer walking in such a neighborhood than a Working Class person would in a Wealthy Elitist Neighborhood.

Semantics 101: when Rich people mug Working Class people who wander into “their” enclaves it’s usually done by proxy, the Police.
If a Wealthy individual has a crime committed against him in a Working Class “minority” neighborhood it would probably be by some social misfit who doesn’t get along with his own neighbors either. The Working Class independent contractor criminal would probably only take the money and dope the Wealthy interloper has on his person. The Police in the Rich Neighborhood have the power to introduce the Working Clase “intruder” to weeks or months or years of beatings, sadistic behavior being directed at him and forced Slave labor. It’s a prolonged drawn-out Criminal Assault called “jail”.

In Hispanic neighborhoods you have a much easier time walking the papers, “paperhanging” because there’s a cultural aspect involving fences.
Lots of fences. Means you don’t have to walk up on the porch and put the circular on the doorknob. Since in order to make that Minimum wage + 10 cents an hour you had to walk fast. Climbing steps makes your day more difficult. And, in the “minority” neighborhoods, one of the things people like to do is with the landlords permission, putting on a security door.

Semantics 101: In a Wealthy Enclave they’re called “security doors”. In “Lower” class neighborhoods they’re called Barricades and the Police feel threatened by them, because it makes it more difficult for them to pull off a heavily armed Home Invasion whenever they damn well please and when one of their “fair and impartial” judges gives them the Search warrant.

Fences around the property make it easier to hang circulars because you basically have to only walk in a straight line from gate to gate. Much like the Postal Service with the curbside mailboxes. Which, incidentally, the Postal Service doesn’t buy for you, but which other persons are forbidden to use. You can’t put a message or advertisement in or anywhere near the Mail Box, it’s a $200 fine for each paper.

The police don’t like Fences in a Not-Rich neighborhood either, because in order to cross a fence-line you need a search warrant. Used to need, the “patriot” act threw out all the freedoms delineated in the Bill of Rights.

Semantics 101: This is called “fighting for your freedom” and you’re supposed to thank them for it

In a Rich Neighborhood it’s called a Gated Community.

The Not Rich Neighborhoods welcome the paperhangers because Not-Rich households depended on the circulars when planning out their food budget. Not only the money to spend at which stores on which products, but also to budget their time, walking (or gas money) and of course get the lowest prices offered. Residents would complain to the store managers if they DID NOT get their papers. When you’re Working Class, it IS that important.

A $5 transaction isn’t a “casual purchase”.

The Rich Neighborhoods would have the police shadow you. The Rich teenagers would cruise by in the expensive toys Mommy and Daddy bought them and scream out the window “Get a Job!”
Explaining to these Morons that you ARE working is out of the question, they’re too stupid to understand the concept.

The only appropriate response is to render the one-finger salute and make a short statement concerning the Morally Deficient Drug Addicted Congenitally Syphilitic Creatures who spawned them. But then they would go crying to their Pig protectors.

Semantics 101: When Rich people harass, insult, curse and threaten Workers it’s “harmless fun”. If you return the favor it’s “Making Terroristic Threats”, no matter what actually gets said beyond “Thank you, Sir, may I have another?” and licking their boots in apology for not being Born With A Silver Spoon like they were. That, by the way, has ALWAYS been enforced by the Police and Courts

Now, to tie it completely to the Theme du Jour.
When the Minions of the Very Rich (and coincidentally Lily White) like the “Tea Party Patriots” hang congressmen and even the President in Effigy, carry Machine Guns to presidential appearances, the president they have proclaimed their Racist Hatred of many times and many of their “comrades” have said should be shot or (as in the Mock-Lynching perpetrated by their Klan errr… “Independent and Non-Racist Patriotic Rally” in Plains Georgia not even a month ago, The Police actually protect them. Racist Pigs stick together.

When a Black person carrying supposedly First-Amendment protected literature is pulled from a train and Arrested because the Rich White “W” Worshipping Wimps on the train are Frightened by an Uppity black person who “talks back to them”. Or, in this case, talks to somebody else on a phone… setting off a Bedwetting Hissie Fit among the Right Wing Racists, not ONE of the Tea Party Patriots stands up and mentions the blatant injustice of those actions.

Yeah, they really really really Stand For Liberty. Bunch of lying Racist punks, if you ask me. Even if you don’t ask me, they’re a bunch of Racist Lying Punks.

That’s the type of Cowardice that the “war on terror” and “patriot act” fosters.

Calls for MORE racist profiling from the Right Wing Media like Fox News and even Channel 5, our NBC affiliate in town… from the Fascist Rag called the “Colorado Springs Gazette”. Why? Because they’re Cowards and easily manipulated. They need to collectively grow a set.

How ’bout it, Sean Paige, Doug Bruce, Jeff Crank? Are you punks going to actually stand for Liberty for the first time in your Mis-spent lives? I bet you won’t.

Anarchist “propaganda” equals “Terrorism..

At least according to News 5 and Department of Homeland Security. They pulled a bookseller off an Amtrak train on a report that he was talking terrorism over a cell phone, from the Frightened Brainwashed Cowards that are making up more and more af America, “Home of the Brave”? Hardly. A bookseller returning from an Anarchist Book Fair having Anarchist Books.

God Damn, America is being over-run by Chickenshits.

The News 5 anchors said “he DID have Anarchist propaganda.” So the Hell What? Somebody boarding a bus carrying the Gazette would have Fascist propaganda in his possession.

Wonder if Tea-Bagger supremes Sean Paige and Jeff Crank and Doug Bruce will step up and offer any defense to the person charged?

Oh, hell no. They won’t fight for anybody’s freedom, never did and NEVER will.