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Colorados’s Libertarian tax evader crusader, Doug Bruce, heads off for jail

Denver American Civil Liberties Union lawyer failed to keep Libertarian tax cheat and slum lord, Doug Bruce, from deservedly heading into jail for 6 months for his tax evasion. Doug Bruce is the Libertarian big time ideologue now famous for authoring the TABOR Amendment legislation, which has helped demolish the quality of public education in this state among the many other negative consequences of this backward looking and reactionary bill.

So perhaps Doug Bruce will be now better able to campaign among fellow inmates for Libertarian Republican Ron Paul 2012 from his new home in the prison cell? And be sure to keep that toilet clean, Doug! It’s good manners, Prison Dude.

Thinking about Doug a bit more, a citizen should be able to see that electing fellow Libertarian Ron Paul president would be about as negative a thing a country could ever do. It would be like putting Doug Bruce into the governor’s seat instead of putting him in prison cell where he definitely does belong. Got to pay some taxes, Libertarians, because we need government but we need a better one than we got, or that you reactionaries would ever help arrange us to get.

Sorry, Bruce, but a government has the right to raise funds in order to implement social programs even if you Libertarians have trouble seeing it due to your excessive love of Big Business interests. Pay your taxes and stop whining, Bruce.

Another Katrina looms, exposed by leaks

But not Wiki leaks. Nay, what is leaking is a supposedly inspected and approved levee in Missouri. Much like the bridge falling into the Mississippi in Minnesota three short years ago, much like the Cimarron street bridge over Fountain Creek/Monument Creek confluence and the Union Pacific railroad tracks which ferry the looted coal southward to Galveston, to be put on ships to China …every 30 minutes during the day and every 20 at night, Big Ol’ Hairy-scary chunk of bridge falling on the creek. It would have got more press if it had delayed those strategic shipments of coal.

Same problem. Unmaintained infrastructure. Hey, the Romans built a lot of things from concrete too, like the Colosseum which has stood 1940 years in more or less bad condition for most of that time. The difference being that they DID manage a little maintenance over the centuries. Every now and then you have to make actual repairs not patches.

The cause of all these bridges falling, levees rupturing? The people who benefit the most from the existence of a city to service their deepwater ports in Southern Louisiana, for instance, or the roads in Minnesota or even good ol’ Colorado Springs, don’t feel they owe anything to maintain the source of their un-earned and undeserved wealth.

So levees up and down the watersheds in the South and elsewhere are being pounded and hurricane season is just starting. So what if they lose St Louis, for instance, Chattanooga, Memphis, Mobile?

The Rich Bitches will be evecuated out to their other properties, and the poor people will be evacuated to a Stadium converted to a concentration camp, they’ll shoot a few of the malcontents who don’t like that arrangement, call it “Gods Own Urban Renewal Project” again and once the waters have receded they’l have bulldozers remove the homes of those inconvenient Peasants.

Pat Robertson wil mumble about how the people dispossessed or murdered actually brought the catastrophe upon themselves. Then spend another week having his political comrades clean up his statements.

The rich will have the land of the peasants and clean up their docks and factories enough to get started back in the wage-slavery industries, with a generous Government Grant bought politically on the images of all the non-Rich people who won’t get any help.

Doug Bruce keeps coming up with Tax The Poorest schemes like “hey, we can completely eliminate the Tax Burden of the rich by simply not paying the bills! And lower the wages of the poor too, Yay for Me!”

The results have so far been virtually raw sewage dumped into the Arkansas River wathershed through Fountain Creek so everybody downstream from us can either pony up THEIR money to filter OUR pollution or literally eat shit and die.

In the No Tax No Fee mentality, it’s perfectly legal, Moral and even Commanded By God to literally poison your neighbors well. They get money off of it so there’s obviously no problem..

Of course to fit that last one in they have to re-write the Bible, which has some historical precedent. And of further course it’s always been done using some horrendous Christian-on-Christian crime sprees like the Crusades and the Inquisition and The Reformation, along with every non-Christian in the general vicinity getting caught up.

Which brings it right back to why exactly the infrastructure, the paying of their bills to fund and maintain the Sources of their Wealth, they’re spending the money, (just not Their Own which they’re instead Hoarding) to finance yet another “Holy” crusade to enslave entire societies and economies.

Ugh Bruce, but imperturbable

Campaign sign for Colorado Springs 2011 municipal election
COLORADO SPRINGS– It was Doug Bruce himself, the anti-tax man most responsible for the region’s decaying services and infrastructure, polishing his own campaign sign, on land belonging to Griffis/Blessing. The fit was not entirely out of the realm of possibility, but I made a second pass, conspicuously taking photos that he might worry could inform a landlord. To his credit, instead of ignoring me he kept trying to wave me over, as if despite my direct attacks on him in city council sessions, he could win me over out there on the corner. He left with the sign.

Doug Bruce files fake state tax return, gets busted.

one of the inconsistencies was on his Federal Tax he posted more money given to “charities” than he took in income. Even counting the RepubliCan’t and TeaTard definition of “charity” to include buying guns for the MinuteMurder Militias, organizing Astroturf Roots Parties, and then taking it all off their income tax thereby forcing HONEST people to subsidize their political pleasures…
Glenn Beck, for instance, “donating” at taxpayer expense a painting that looked like he rented a chimp to do it, for AT LEAST $3400 off his own taxes and a matching $3400 off the taxes of one of his Demented Disciples, for the U.S.O. to provide services which he and his Fellow ChickenHawks advocated cutting from the military budget while creating the need for those services by advocating Wars of corporate conquest based purely on LIES.
This is the same type of ripoff that Mr Bruce pulled.
Jackoffs get paid by the Taxpayers to make themselves look good, so they can call themselves “Tax Heroes” and get really stupid people to support them with more money.
Beck and O’Reilly and Limbaugh and the rest of the Korporate Klown Kartel at Fox get paid to promote the wars. They make 100% of their income promoting the For Profit Police State and Corporate Wars.
Now, here’s one I found “interest”ing. $17000 dollars from interest on a loan scam.
When I worked construction (labor) I usually received minimum wage, which the Republicans made sure stayed at 3.35 an hour for 12 long years.
After that I was so badly disabled I didn’t make even that. Right To Work Laws, another of Mr Bruce’s favorite tax-deductible “charities”.
But in my best year I got about 15,000 dollars and that was working my ass off, ten and twelve hour days and weekends. Something Mr Bruce nor any of his TeaBag confederates would never deign to do, set their carefully manicured Corporate Hands to actual WORK.
And the cheap slumlord son-of-a-goat-and-a-whore took a tax-free bonus of that much plus another couple of grand. And claims he “works for the common man”. LIAR.

Princess Lisa, “conservative” spends city funds threatening opposition.

Princess Lisa sent this Email, cc’ed to Dennis Hisey, Amy Lathen and Sallie Clark, her TeaBag Terrorist accomplices, and to the Fascist Sheriff and Police Chief: I assume these are copyright violations.
I am forwarding this on to Chief Meyers of the Colorado police department and El Paso County’s Sheriff Maketa. Your videos are inappropriate, threatening, include sexual content, promote violence and hate, you have written defamatory statements against elected officials, and are probably violating copyright laws. I will ask for appropriate instruction to go through the formal process to keep you away from me.

End Quote

I watch Ed’s videos. Sex? Violence? Nope. Defamatory? How does one Defame the Infamous?

Promoting HATE? You’re a TeaBag, for God’s Sake! The ones with the endless supply of Deranged Lone-Wolf Social Misfits who you talk into doing your dirty deeds for you, the ones YOU and your fellow ChickenHawks are afraid to do for yourselves.

And a “limited government” candidate spending Taxpayer Money to demand the Police do your thug work for you. Shame on you, Princess!

Ok… So, if she’s still playing along… Lisa, look, hun, it’s like this. Calling the Cops is for CRIMINAL offenses, not for pointing out that your pals are a bunch of Nazi freaks who pack automatic weapons IN America because they want to kill AMERICANS..

Not forgetting that none of your Ku Klux Klown amigos are going to do the real killing for yourselves. Don’t you worry your Little Princess head none, though, because I’m sure you’ll find another Jared Loughner or Scott Roeder or Jim Adkisson to ideologically cleanse at least a few Colorado Springs citizens.

There’s enough lunatics in the right wing section of the world and your Hate-Mongers are good at finding them, arming them and setting them loose.

And as for pasting your face on a perfectly good movie poster for a really awful movie.

If anybody is going to file copyright claims it would be the producers of that really stinky movie. It would NOT be something that the Colorado Springs Gestapo should investigate.

Lisa, are you reading this, sometime in the near future relative to the time which I wrote this? Please, do consider this. You’re allegedly a “fiscal conservative” but really, you come off as being a hate-filled rich errr… “witch” yeah, that’s the ticket, a rich-witch MY SINCERE APOLOGIES TO REAL WITCHES who will waste the already slashed to the bone city funds by using the Publicly Funded Police like they’re your own private Goon Squad because you can’t handle people making fun of you.

Please, lady, for the love of God (Montressor) drop the hell out of the race and go back to your Barbie Dream House.

Oh, me forgetted… Tea Bags no read good.

The “for the love of God, Montressor!” part was from a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, “The Cask Of Amantillado” and I’m pretty sure the only place you saw Poe’s books was at your semi-seasonal Book Burnings. You could look it up at the Librar… oh yeah, I forgot, you want to ban libraries too. Never Mind.

Steve Bach, mayoral candidate…

“anti-establishment” but being heavily funded by the Real Estate thieves who make up the Establishment here in Colorado Springs.
The Real Estate Thieves who were willing accomplices to the Mortgage Scam which broke our local economy, that of Colorado, that of the United States and of the entire world.
The Real Estate Thieves who inherited the land grab, the baton passed from such murderous thieves as Carson, Custer, Palmer, Andrew Jackson even. The owners of the land still occupied it? Easy solution, exterminate them. Mass Murder, attempted GENOCIDE (but you bastards didn’t get ALL of us, now did you?)
Thieves like Zeb Pike who was on a mission to map out, for future conquest, this area which at the time wasn’t under the sovereign rule of the United States, but instead under the King of Spain. Not much of an improvement either way, but even by Great White Father paternalistic dictatorship laws, it was prelude to Grand Theft. These Real Estate establishment are the ones who are backing him, his advertising budget now includes Television Ads and signs all over the city, the “Freedom Corporation” news outlets like the Gag-Zette backing his play, Fox News backing his play…
But he’s “anti-establishment”.
Start your campaign based on a lie, what are you going to build on it? More LIES?

Also backing him are the “Strong Mayor” backers, who want to give even more dictatorial power into the hands of one person. Goons like Doug Bruce and Sallie Clark.

Goons who take Publicly Funded police and use them in their for profit war against not poverty itself, but people who are impoverished, and visible.

Goons like Lisa Czeladtko and Daniel Chacon who have made statements that the Parks and other Public entities, properties and institutions should be the Private Domain of the Very Rich, no “homeless” need apply.
Homeless is an adjective, you would think people who promote English as the ONLY language of America would learn to speak it a little better.

Used as a noun it strips the dignity and even the status of Child of God Human from the persons so afflicted. Many if not most, made into “the poor” or “the homeless” or whatever adjective-cum-noun is imposed on US by the policies of these same “maverick” (an unbranded steer) “rogue” and “renegade” Politicians who claim not to be Politicians.
Set in stone Establishment Lackeys who claim to be Anti-Establishment.
They only use the word “homeless” as an adjective when they refer to homeless PEOPLE as “the homeless PROBLEM”. Further dehumanizing us. I’ve been homeless, ain’t proud of it but there’s not one reason to feel shame about it either. If people who make their money from theft or from enabling the thieves, like Chacon and Czeladtko and Rivera and Palin and Doug Bruce succeed in their goal of privatizing the entire economy of America,bring every last dime into their own bank accounts, they’ll be creating more Homelessness.

All in the name of Progress.

Oh, Maverick, rogue and renegade… They’ve apparently forgotten those phrases’ true origins.
Maverick was a rancher in Texas. Open Range that is. His steers and cows were unbranded, but a steer bears a special mark. It’s a bull which has been castrated. If you saw a steer calf following a cow, in a herd of others of course, more steer calves and adult steers none of them Branded, you know that Somebody has a proprietary interest in them.
In Texas range-talk, Maverick became a synonym for a lazy, cheap son-of-a-bitch and for “his” cattle. (at the time they were WILD cattle)

So which is it, Mavericks? (Sarah Palins running mate calls himself that) Are you castrated and owned by a lazy son-of-a-bitch or are you comparing yourself to the lazy son-of-a-bitch?

Rogue: wink wink, nudge nudge say no more…

Renegade: Somebody who breaks promises.

A fine command of the English Language, yes.
See, when you deal with simple minded folk like the so-called “conservatives” who conserve NOTHING, the Moral Majority who are neither, you don’t have to make up naughty adjectives and nouns to describe them, they do it to themselves, willingly.
Like Steve Bach and his friends accomplices.
Fellow Travelers is a term the Wrong Wing have used for a couple of generations now to describe anybody who votes for any single issue which is also endorsed by the Communist Party. “pinko” instead of Red.
So let’s call the Fellow Travelers of the Far Right Lunatic Fringe exactly what they are, and in their own terms. Castrated Bull. Rogue (say no more). Treaty Breakers. Genocidal Racist thieves. When they say they’ve somehow broken from their herd, see Maverick.

Doug Bruce v. Dogbert

See, this guy is an archetype of So-Called “Conservative” ethos. He milks his position as a pig, Former prosecutor that is, first with the “Back the Badge” morons who actually believe that “The Policeman is always right”, made God-damn sure that no Colorado Springs Gestapo Agent was ever actually prosecuted for Police Brutality. This doesn’t mean, to a Rational and Sane Person, that no acts of Police Brutality ever occurred in the Springs, just that the perpetrators, prosecutors and Judges acted in collusion to protect their Fellow PIGS. But we’re not talking Rational and Sane people here, we’re talking-Back the Badge Conservative Morons.

Doug Bruce and the other Morons (readers will note that I don’t differentiate-much-between the “Leaders” and their mindless dupes, the only difference is that assholes like Bruce and Tancredo and Malkin KNOW that they’re lying, they know for whom they lie, and they’re too stupid to give a damn that they’re committing acts of pure evil) backed every assault on Peaceable Assembly, including a recent B-S-D rally at a mall, the infamous St Paddy’s Day Massacre, the persecution of the poorest members of OUR town through the “Homeless Camping Ordinance” and every time his Fellow Pigs beat up on a handcuffed prisoner or Murdered errrr “Suicide by Cop”ed anybody either in the jails or with a bullet in the back, on the street, anywhere in America. For instance, when the Cambridge Police lured a REAL Man out of his own home in order to violently suppress his right to free speech, and when Oscar Grant was forced to the pavement and shot in the back while PIGS were holding him down, you could always count on Good Ol’ Doug Bruce to support his Fellow Murdering PIG scum.

They repaid him, tit-for-tat, by backing up his Bogus Petition Demagoguery when store managers at an Albertson’s grocery story told him not to violate THEIR property rights, unlike when they arrested the B-S-D group recently.

Right to Free Speech and Assembly is only accorded to the Servants of the Very Rich, at least in the eyes of the Colorado Springs Gestapo.

He apparently took lessons from a fictional character created by cartoonist Scott Adams in his Dilbert syndicated strip.

Dec 31 1993 – Dogbert – petition Dogbert used the petition-gathering scam to “end world hunger” bait-and-switch which Doug Bruce subsequently copied, successfully, too, with his

Sep 28 1992 – Dogbert – Demagogue demagoguery about eliminating taxes simply by refusing to pay for the services that benefit all of society. “A rising tide lifts all boats” is just another Capitalist Lie designed to keep Stupid People voting for their own slavery and supporting their slave-owners.

Feb 24-26 1992 Dogbert – “Conservative” Liar

…other than the parts about being a Pure Evil and Cowardly Corporate Suck. That his Momma taught him.

Had to edit the Tags because I typed in “1993” so many times searching through the dilbert.com archives that I kind of got carried away. I was supposed to write 2003 beat-down and extremist abuse of demontrators at the CS part of the nationwide rallies against the unlawful invasion, occupation and ongoing pillage of the now-vassal state of Iraq.

Something even the Freakin’ DALLAS police wouldn’t attempt. Probably because we had the entire constabulary of Dallas and the Dallas Co Sheriff Dept outnumbered about 50 to 1.

September, Fiscal Year, No Billion Dollars falling from the sky.

Budget time cometh. Three years ago, when Real Estate started to crap all over the economy, Rivera, our mayor for those who don’t speak Coloradospringsish… said that what the city needed was for a Billion Dollars to fall from the sky. That $42 Million he later turned down, because it was earmarked to stuff he didn’t think were priorities, like dinner parties for his Rich Sponsors to discuss how to redirect the rest of it to their bank accounts..
That would help a lot. But, it was “earmarked” so NO to the schools, the parks, the streetlights, the Cops and Fire and Ambulance, and especially NO to Bus Service. A bit of rumor hit my ears today.
Bus Service to be cut even further. Of course, any real announcement would be made after the election. When somebody else can take the heat, I suppose. The time frame spoken for the schedule, doesn’t even cover kids going home from school. Far less people who work a 9-to-5. So one more time the Working Class gets to bite the something or other in order for the Parasite Class to continue their Massive Theft Ventures.
I can almost understand Capitalists, Why SHOULD other people besides themselves get the goodies, and further, why should THEY, the ones who actually profit from Capital, Pay for the services only they get? It’s just not FAIR! Poor little Rich Bitches.
As for the ones who don’t profit from capital, as one third of Americans don’t, who work themselves further into debt because they’re not paid enough to cover the costs of producing their labor, we’re the ones who should pay the price for THEM to get services, and not them.

No, Citizen, it is our DUTY to support the Parasite class, for to claim a share of what we actually earn rather than feed it into the Greedy Maws of Capitalist Hogs and their sows and piglets… that would be SOCIALISM! and we all know that Socialism is purest evil. We know this because the Capitalists, who like the rest of us have never actually had or experienced a Socialist Economy on any more than a local level, pay spokes-freaks to tell us so.

There’s probably to be another rally downtown. Of course we know now, as we knew then, that the Arrogant Ones at City Hall won’t budget funds for anything but what makes their Rich Bitch buddies (and owners) richer.

One feels like Oliver Twist at the orphanage asking the docent for more gruel.

A statement to our Beloved City Council and Mayor

From Ed Billings.

Prior to the drastic cuts in our Transit System as of January 1, 2010 I was told “Don’t Protest, Talk to the City Council instead”, I have done that time and time again.

There have been numerous obstacles to keeping local bus services as it was. First there was Mayor Lionel Rivera who really doesn’t care about the transit system at all. Then there is Doug Bruce who keeps hollaring that taxes must be eliminated.

The last City Council Meeting I had attended on November 24, 2009 was amusing when I watched Doug Bruce and Mayor Lionel Rivera arguing with each other. Watching two rightwingers at each other’s throats is always a sight to see.

What wasn’t amusing was when the majority had voted to eliminate evening and weekend public transportation. Other Passengers have told me that City Council of Colorado Springs will make their decisions regardless of what people like us say.

Doug Bruce and Mayor Rivera should have bought each other a beer to celebrate having gotten what they wanted, Doug Bruce Should have been happy that 2c had failed which gave Mayor Rivera all the ammo he needed to eliminate Evening and Weekend public transportation, Turn off alot of street lights which has increased the crime rate and his ever famous stunt of removing trash cans from city parks.

Doug Bruce should also be happy because now Colorado Springs will begin to be as slummy as the properties he owns.

To which I have to add, the Shitty Hall folks just don’t even make good professional grade thieves.

Not taking a cue from Dallas and Fort Worth about attracting and keeping Large Scale Bribe Resources to Colorado in general or Springs in particular, they neglect a sure fire dealmaker or Deal Killer. And they do it by trying to bribe the bribe-sources, using public money. Taxpayers get to subsidize Corporate Freeloaders who aren’t essentially Taxpayers. WalMart, for instance, is a net loss to our town. We pay more for the stormwater rushing off their massive roofs and parking lots in such quantities it broke our already broken water purification system. You know, the one that was put in 50 and 60 years ago when the population was 75% less. So now the poisons from Wally World and other Toxic Waste sites are running down to our fellow countrymen who live downhill thus downstream from us. Everybody West of the Mississippi for instance. One of them, our nearest neighbor, Pueblo, is suing the City for more money than would cost to reinstate bus service at a much higher level AND fix the problem in the first place.

That’s something they’d probably not want done, actually, a Pyrrhic Victory in the form of Colorado Springs owing more money than we can repay.

I imagine the Rich Bastards who caused and continued the problem will simply take their secured bank accounts elsewhere. No longer be part of Colorado Springs and thus, not liable for any of the damage their policies caused.

But Colorado Springs needs give no concessions to the Fortune 500. We don’t need to “hide the homeless” so the Magical Personages of the Fabulously Rich don’t have to see poverty. Homeless PEOPLE exist in every community in America. A problem being worsened by the Fabulously Rich.

One such Corporation, Hewlett Packard, packed up their belongings and hauled their ass out to greener pastures. A city without the hassle of No Bus Service and Neglect for Infrastructure plus they won’t owe any part of whatever settlement comes out of the Water Suit.

Meanwhile, in Dallas and now, Ft Worth, public transport is expanding. In the past decade, a light rail service was added to Ft Worth at four locations, the Amtrak/City Bus Lines/Greyhound cooperatively owned and maintained terminals, at Northeast Mall in Richland Hills, although Richland Hills, like Mayor Rivera, doesn’t want Bus Service, more on that later.

At the Bell Textron Helicopter plant in Ft Worth right on the line with Hurst. Military Industrial Complex leader who wish to have it where their employees can have a reliable way of getting to and from the plant. A hub in between Arlington and Euless that serves the Dallas County municipalities of Grand Prairie and Irving. And the Tarrant Co. Municipality of DFW International Airport.

And from the Ft Worth terminal, the bus service goes to two other Municipalities, Lake Worth which has a shuttle bus running to some heavy duty Military Industrial Complex plants.. and the former Carswell AFB now Joint Reserve Base.

Why doesn’t Colorado Springs Airport, the local Military Bases, the local malls, the local Military Industrial Complex and other businesses have NO Bus Service, nor the non-existent Amtrak terminal?

Because our “Real Estate Professionals” who own Shitty Hall and all the denizens thereof, are stupid.

They don’t play hardball.

Rather than give people tax breaks to move to the Springs, why wouldn’t they point out the Choice Business Environment that’s provided by our East/West and North/South transportation hubs?

The Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Tracks run right by where an Amtrak station would be, if the right wing freaks like Doug Bruce weren’t so rabidly opposed to Amtrak because it’s “Socialism!!”


It’s a completely moronic attitude, and it does have its mirror in Ft Worth, the Mid Cities and even Dallas.

There are only 4 municipal entities in Tarrant County, out of 42, which are served by Public Transportation. George Bush and his comrades, who are against any public transportation, education, whatever other Socialist stuff that they can label as such… pay private transportation to their War Industries and to the partially Bush Owned Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. You can catch a shuttle bus to watch the Rangers lose in a home game. Arlington, Euless, Bedford, Grapevine, Hurst, Richland Hills, North Richland Hills, Haltom City, all the way to Ft Worth, don’t have any public transportation.

The unofficial reason, spread by Whispering Campaign everytime the issue comes up, is that it would draw “niggers” to their towns. I wonder how much of that blatant bigotry is in place here in the Springs?

Mayor Lyin’ Hell Rivera and his buddies like Bruce and Paige and the other thieves, how about it?

Mayor Rivera was caught on a cellphone video saying that only bums and winos ride the bus.

Apparently, that Elitist Claptrap prevails at Shitty Hall. As Ed noted, petitioning the City to do anything about it only gets you mocked by the Elitist Stuck-up Snobbish SnotMuffins on the Council.

“Guards! Guards! These PEASANTS are interrupting our pleasures! Away with them!”

Meanwhile, the same geographic immovable features that make this a prime Military transportation hub, (there’s very few places that go through the mountains, those big things you see if you look to the sunset, East-west. The Ute Pass is one of them… and west of here, the next big North-South trunk line is in California.) would make the Springs an excellent transport hub for Civilian enterprises, not just the War Industries hovering around the not-going-anywhere Military Bases.

So what do Mayor Lyin’ Hell and the other numb-nuts at Shitty Hall do? First they cut bus service to the Military Bases. What the hell, dudes, I thought you stupid ChickenHawk pricks actually loved the Military. Just, as far as I can see, perhaps I’m wrong, none of you loved it enough to join.

Perhaps the ONE institution in town not chock full of people wanting to lynch the Mayor. And his accomplices. Mall Wart, if you wander in to their store, you see like 14 sales clerks out of 50 cash registers, counting the ones at the instore deli and sporting goods and electronics. Some Major Job Creation going on there. Hewlett Packard already left. Why?

Because the Shitty Hall people, supposedly Real Estate Professionals, don’t have the skills or the courage to sell the REAL benefits of Colorado Springs.

The Fortune 500 scouts, they know how to play Shitty Hall like a finely tuned fiddle. They According to City Hall heavies and Real Estate Propagandist J. Heuberger come to town, sniff disapprovingly and make ridiculous demands such as getting rid of all the Visible Poverty before graciously moving their Corporate operations into what’s essentially a field of Cash growing on bushes to their perspective.

Rivera, Paige, Bruce! WAKE THE HELL UP, STUPID!

The more you grovel to them the more they’ll take from the City. I realize you have most of your collective wealth stashed outside the boundaries of Colorado Springs… but they’re playing YOU for prize-winning Chumps at OUR expense.

It’s called Bargaining. You retards wouldn’t last a red hot 15 minutes at a flea market. You could be selling brand new Big Screen 3DHD Televisions, still in the box, somebody who knows how to bargain, and your weaknesses, say the boxes are scuffed at the edges and offer graciously to haul them away for a small fee of a hundred dollars each and you’d give them the damn TeeVees, the money, and pack them on the dude’s truck for him and spot him an extra 50 for “wasting his time.”

Meanwhile you’re downgrading the city step by slow screaming-pain step.

I agree with Ed, it WILL make the whole city as slummy as Doug Bruces properties.

You won’t be getting the quality bribe money your “betters” get in Dallas and even Ft Worth.

Judge-shooter Bruce Nozolino indicted before Facebook friends can jump ship

Bob Balink, Jeff Crank, Bob Beauprez, Kent Lambert and Dave SchulteisConservative petition-circulator Bruce Nozolino warned would-be litigants that he had a reputation, “a propensity to shoot judges and lawyers” and it turns out whoever got in his way. He poses with a rifle on his Facebook profile. Today a local grand jury indicted Nozolino for murder. While Nozolino loitered outside the courthouse beyond a boundary court-ordered by the judge, his associate Doug Bruce was granted immunity for testifying against him. Other Republican friends were not so lucky. Local cronies Bob Balink and Jeff Crank and state crazies Bob Beauprez, Kent Lambert and Dave Schulteis have ties to the self-styled gun-toting avenger, and Facebook has the paper trail! There’s also Robin Coran, whose profile pic features attack-mite Michelle Malkin, local Tea Party heavies Crista Huff and Michelle Morin (Who unfriended Nozolino as I typed this), and other locals who I’ll list here for posterity: “Bob” Clark, Andy McElhany, Carolyn Borgwardt, Jim Pfaff, Judy Rydberg Reyher, Kathy Peterson, Kay Rendleman, Mark H. Barker, Robert J. Lane, Shawn Mitchell, Tom Wiens. This “Likes Cooking bacon with a machine-gun” profile is almost too perfect to be believed, but you can’t claim a Facebook friendship without being accepted.

Paperhanging and intensified targeting of Dark-Skinned Americans by DHS

So, predictably (thus, often predicted) Darker Skinned Americans are now, in an unofficially official manner, targeted by “law” Enforcement once more merely because of our “dark brooding menacing swarthy appearance”. A matter of Fear which often visits the Ruling Class. I used to experience it every summer during Revival Season, because some preachers like to pump up the “Jungle Fever” Hamites-and-other-persons-of-color-being-born-evil blatant racism. Get down from the trees and onto your knees routine. For a while, too, in Ft Worth and a shorter while in El Paso, I had a job called “paperhanging”, putting advertisements on doors. There’s a lot of semantics involved in all of this, phrases and words which mean far different things to different social groups.

When we put out the Grocery Store circulars, weekly, we typically had 3 and sometimes 4 different circulars, Safeway, Buddies, Affiliated, Piggly-Wiggly… because in that long gone era there actually would be that many “super”markets in walking distance of a persons house. And they didn’t have an in-store StarBuck$ or MacDonalds either. Mind you, this was when I was young and Dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

We would put the circulars on doors or, if there was a fence, hang them on the gatepost.

Semantics 101 here, “paperhanging” also refers to Installing Wallpaper, an almost forgotten trade. If done right you would have a better-than-painted appearance to your interior walls that would last decades. If done wrong it would be an invitation to roaches.
It’s also a slang term for deliberately writing No-Funds Checks, like the Bush Regime with their “Check is in the mail” lie where a Bond Issue, mostly to foreign governments and foreign corporations (who want their money back now) insteading of taxing the Very Rich in America, the ONLY group who benefit from the so-called “patriot” act and the “war on terror”, in order to fund those very expensive enterprises. Without the Rich Pigs who started and maintain them actually having to pay for them. Or so the promise goes.

So, on this job, I walked all day. In all kinds of weather, mostly hot and sticky weather, and in many different neighborhoods. Some were a pleasure in which to work, usually, surprise, Minority neighborhoods, where the people tended to be a little further Off-White in skin tone. They had their own community enforcement, still do actually, and in reality a rich person would be safer walking in such a neighborhood than a Working Class person would in a Wealthy Elitist Neighborhood.

Semantics 101: when Rich people mug Working Class people who wander into “their” enclaves it’s usually done by proxy, the Police.
If a Wealthy individual has a crime committed against him in a Working Class “minority” neighborhood it would probably be by some social misfit who doesn’t get along with his own neighbors either. The Working Class independent contractor criminal would probably only take the money and dope the Wealthy interloper has on his person. The Police in the Rich Neighborhood have the power to introduce the Working Clase “intruder” to weeks or months or years of beatings, sadistic behavior being directed at him and forced Slave labor. It’s a prolonged drawn-out Criminal Assault called “jail”.

In Hispanic neighborhoods you have a much easier time walking the papers, “paperhanging” because there’s a cultural aspect involving fences.
Lots of fences. Means you don’t have to walk up on the porch and put the circular on the doorknob. Since in order to make that Minimum wage + 10 cents an hour you had to walk fast. Climbing steps makes your day more difficult. And, in the “minority” neighborhoods, one of the things people like to do is with the landlords permission, putting on a security door.

Semantics 101: In a Wealthy Enclave they’re called “security doors”. In “Lower” class neighborhoods they’re called Barricades and the Police feel threatened by them, because it makes it more difficult for them to pull off a heavily armed Home Invasion whenever they damn well please and when one of their “fair and impartial” judges gives them the Search warrant.

Fences around the property make it easier to hang circulars because you basically have to only walk in a straight line from gate to gate. Much like the Postal Service with the curbside mailboxes. Which, incidentally, the Postal Service doesn’t buy for you, but which other persons are forbidden to use. You can’t put a message or advertisement in or anywhere near the Mail Box, it’s a $200 fine for each paper.

The police don’t like Fences in a Not-Rich neighborhood either, because in order to cross a fence-line you need a search warrant. Used to need, the “patriot” act threw out all the freedoms delineated in the Bill of Rights.

Semantics 101: This is called “fighting for your freedom” and you’re supposed to thank them for it

In a Rich Neighborhood it’s called a Gated Community.

The Not Rich Neighborhoods welcome the paperhangers because Not-Rich households depended on the circulars when planning out their food budget. Not only the money to spend at which stores on which products, but also to budget their time, walking (or gas money) and of course get the lowest prices offered. Residents would complain to the store managers if they DID NOT get their papers. When you’re Working Class, it IS that important.

A $5 transaction isn’t a “casual purchase”.

The Rich Neighborhoods would have the police shadow you. The Rich teenagers would cruise by in the expensive toys Mommy and Daddy bought them and scream out the window “Get a Job!”
Explaining to these Morons that you ARE working is out of the question, they’re too stupid to understand the concept.

The only appropriate response is to render the one-finger salute and make a short statement concerning the Morally Deficient Drug Addicted Congenitally Syphilitic Creatures who spawned them. But then they would go crying to their Pig protectors.

Semantics 101: When Rich people harass, insult, curse and threaten Workers it’s “harmless fun”. If you return the favor it’s “Making Terroristic Threats”, no matter what actually gets said beyond “Thank you, Sir, may I have another?” and licking their boots in apology for not being Born With A Silver Spoon like they were. That, by the way, has ALWAYS been enforced by the Police and Courts

Now, to tie it completely to the Theme du Jour.
When the Minions of the Very Rich (and coincidentally Lily White) like the “Tea Party Patriots” hang congressmen and even the President in Effigy, carry Machine Guns to presidential appearances, the president they have proclaimed their Racist Hatred of many times and many of their “comrades” have said should be shot or (as in the Mock-Lynching perpetrated by their Klan errr… “Independent and Non-Racist Patriotic Rally” in Plains Georgia not even a month ago, The Police actually protect them. Racist Pigs stick together.

When a Black person carrying supposedly First-Amendment protected literature is pulled from a train and Arrested because the Rich White “W” Worshipping Wimps on the train are Frightened by an Uppity black person who “talks back to them”. Or, in this case, talks to somebody else on a phone… setting off a Bedwetting Hissie Fit among the Right Wing Racists, not ONE of the Tea Party Patriots stands up and mentions the blatant injustice of those actions.

Yeah, they really really really Stand For Liberty. Bunch of lying Racist punks, if you ask me. Even if you don’t ask me, they’re a bunch of Racist Lying Punks.

That’s the type of Cowardice that the “war on terror” and “patriot act” fosters.

Calls for MORE racist profiling from the Right Wing Media like Fox News and even Channel 5, our NBC affiliate in town… from the Fascist Rag called the “Colorado Springs Gazette”. Why? Because they’re Cowards and easily manipulated. They need to collectively grow a set.

How ’bout it, Sean Paige, Doug Bruce, Jeff Crank? Are you punks going to actually stand for Liberty for the first time in your Mis-spent lives? I bet you won’t.

Anarchist “propaganda” equals “Terrorism..

At least according to News 5 and Department of Homeland Security. They pulled a bookseller off an Amtrak train on a report that he was talking terrorism over a cell phone, from the Frightened Brainwashed Cowards that are making up more and more af America, “Home of the Brave”? Hardly. A bookseller returning from an Anarchist Book Fair having Anarchist Books.

God Damn, America is being over-run by Chickenshits.

The News 5 anchors said “he DID have Anarchist propaganda.” So the Hell What? Somebody boarding a bus carrying the Gazette would have Fascist propaganda in his possession.

Wonder if Tea-Bagger supremes Sean Paige and Jeff Crank and Doug Bruce will step up and offer any defense to the person charged?

Oh, hell no. They won’t fight for anybody’s freedom, never did and NEVER will.