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Judge-shooter Bruce Nozolino indicted before Facebook friends can jump ship

Conservative petition-circulator Bruce Nozolino warned would-be litigants that he had a reputation, “a propensity to shoot judges and lawyers” and it turns out whoever got in his way. He poses with a rifle on his Facebook profile. Today a local … Continue reading

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Schultheiss calling Local Nazis to “roll!”

Bring it on, Tea Party. Bring it on, Senator Schultheiss. You’re going to meet a LOT of resistance. And all you have on your side are Punks who are stupid enough to fall for your line of crap.

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Dave Schultheis of Colorado State Senate District 9- Lost in a Black Hole of Stupidity

In this day and age, science has finally located the Black Hole of Human Stupidity and it is centered on Colorado State Senator Dave Schultheis, elected representative of Colorado State Senate District 9. That’s quite a dishonor, but Dave fully … Continue reading

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El Paso County votes country bumpkin

Parts of the country which favored McCain/Palin, by how much. El Paso County in no position to make fun of hicks in Kentucky or Tennessee. Mississippi, Oklahoma 66%; Wyoming 65%; Idaho, Utah 63% Alaska 62%; Alabama 60% Arkansas, Louisiana 59% … Continue reading

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David Schultheis, World Class Dickhead

David Schultheis of Colorado Springs, Colorado State Representative of District 14, is a world class dickhead. Just four days after a family loses 3 children and has a fourth one severely injured in an automobile wreck, Schultheis wrote off to … Continue reading

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