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Tea Party anti-Immigrant rally
While we’ve been fussing about whether to dub them TEABAGGERS or just TEABAGS, someone’s honed in on the pejorative that binds them, TEABONICS –with apologies to African Americans whose variant dialect reflects cultural influence not lack of education or intelligence. Irony of course flies IQ levels above Tea Partygoers, as central to their anti-immigrant anglo-centrism is the insistence that real Americans know English. Here’s a Flickr collection of proclamations in Teabonic.

Tea Party Anti-Immigrant RallyMy favorite is at right. Today’s US exploitation of undocumented workers is a disingenuous equivalent of slavery. Our American economy depends on low wage laborers who can be deported as “illegal” when we want to change them out with cheaper ones. Those tea party faces are the same who opposed abolition and blocked the Civil Rights marchers in Selma.

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  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Body-Baggers won’t do, notice all those healthy young dudes who support the $12 trillion war with everything but their presence, and of course their own tax money.
    I always felt the term “douchebaggers” was the most appropriate, or at least both the most appropriate and closest to family-friendly.
    One of their more literate members, only misspelled 5 words, posted a comment on a Yahoo story about the Census, said the head count would be easy, simply count the number of people who have taxable income.

    Again with their lie that gets debunked every April 15 that Immigrants don’t pay taxes or attempt to learn English, if they bothered at all to ask somebody who reads Spanish to translate the signs at laundromats, flea markets, churches, other social gathering places, the ones which say Preparamos formas des Impuestas de Ingresos, marque 555-5555 y pide Tomas and the ones that say Busquemos Maiestros de Ingles para enseñar a los niños y padres

    And Apresde Ingles, ofrecemos enseñar a los niños y padres.

    Which means, bottom to top, we offer English language lessons to children and adults, (I would put in the part about after-work classes in the evenings and on weekends but it would confuse the Douche-baggers even more than they already are), We’re hiring English teachers for children and adults, and “we prepare Income Tax returns”.

    The IRS confirms this every year because unlike ICE or the Douche-baggers or their Related Klan Group the Minutemen the IRS is more interested in collecting taxes than harrassing people about stupid shit like national origin.

    So they have a taxpayer ID number that’s used by mostly immigrants to pay taxes. The Immigrants themselves, eager to avoid the hassles from the Stupid Squads like the so-called “patriots” have about the best average of ALL U.S. residents for actually paying their taxes. Wouldn’t know it to hear Glenn Beck and our local Fools like Malkin and Tancredo bitch about it.

    The other thing the same Douche-Bagger missed in that post is that Minimum Wage workers don’t have taxable income.

    OR DID HE? The Pig CEO of Massey Energy, who placed worker safety substantially below Corporate Profit, and killed 25 confirmed and 4 more unconfirmed, of “his” WORKERS… is a huge star in the Douche-Party circuit.

    One of the Douche-Party “patriots” said that Coal is the lifeblood of West Virginia and of America. Obvious Corporate suck.

    But if Massey Energy, The Peabody and other Mining and Oil Pigs really gave a damn about their workers, why do they fight against paying a fair wage, not only to “their” workers but those who are wage slave to other corporations as well?

    But the Douche-Bagger Yahoo respondent summarily dismissed the majority of Americans, those of us who according to the IRS didn’t owe taxes this year. Because The Money-Grubbing Corporate Rich Bitches Don’t Pay Us Enough To put us into a tax bracket. Just in one sentence summarily stripped us of our citizenship status by Douche-Party fiat. I think he DID, in fact, know what he was saying. He just hoped the rest of would be so Ignorant that we wouldn’t catch on.

    Apparently their Keep America Ignorant Campaign is enjoying some success. As noted by themselves every time they write a sign.

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