Which evil empire let mothers visit their detainee spy-terrorists?

Did you see the heart-rendering coverage about the mothers permitted to visit their detained sons? With the sound turned off, I missed some of it… After long months/years of petitioning a belligerent government, the tearful mothers of hostages/detainees being held on espionage-charges/no-charges were at last granted permission to see their sons and daughter. Tehran’s compassionate act is derided as serving a propaganda agenda. Guantanamo, on the safe side, has no plans to show any compassion at all.

Of course, our lads were simply “hikers” exploring a remote border of Iran, alleged to have crossed over while on an outing. For day jobs they reported for US corporate media outlets whose role it has been to glorify US war efforts and are currently agitating for an attack on Iran.

None of their boys on the other hand were apprehended on our soil. Instead they were caught defending their own land, accused of acts which our soldier-invaders commit everyday many times over. And their civilian cover is usually taxi-driver or stall-keeper, for most of them we don’t even know, so determined is the US about keeping their imprisonment a secret.

Can you guess the guest of which state are also tortured?

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