Local cyclists shred Garden of the Gods

Jason MemmelgnarGARDEN OF THE GODS, COLORADO SPRINGS– Mountain bike X-tremists and thrillcraft eco-vandals Jason Memmelaar and Chris Heath weren’t apprehended by the El Paso County Sheriff or the CSPD, but interrupted by off-duty park ranger Stephanie Stover, who saw them cutting tree limbs to expand an illegal downhill run. When she scattered the limbs across the trail to ameliorate erosion, she later found a note which warned:
“Why would you do that? You will hurt my friends. If I see you do this I will hurt you and no one will hear you scream.”KHS rider Chris Heath
Reached by the Gazette via Facebook, Heath denied he left the note, or that he’d built the mile-long trail across protected park land, though he did brag about using the trail “a bunch.” So there it is, CSPD, let the citations fly. Trail repairs won’t begin until May, so there’s still time if you want to make their downhill track a surprise obstacle course. Will screams go unheard? We can test that hypothesis.

I don’t really recommend leaving malicious booby traps like tire spikes, barbed-wire, or a chest high bailing wire strung with tensioners because that could injure others, for example children on bikes however errant, and then too, wildlife. Branches across the path are enough to interrupt the course and can be seen and avoided by hikers. Best of course to safeguard the vicinity by hiking nearby with a camera and cellphone and report the offenders directly to park authorities. Curious to see what the bikers would do if they came upon YOU scattering branches, if you’re not a woman alone on that stretch of the Garden of the Gods.

In the case of Messrs. Memmelaar and Heath, they’re not just asshole despoilers of nature, they’re pro-racers for some kind of circuit for environment-scarring sports. Probably the exposure in Barry Noreen’s column is the last thing their sponsors want. It will be interesting to see how much they care about a public outcry.

I should think they might want to orchestrate a public apology for their “rogue” bikers. Maybe the white Dodge Spirit van with New York plates mentioned in the Gazette is already ferrying friends to the site where they are volunteering to repair the damage before official efforts begin.

If not, keep a lookout for the two elsewhere around town. Perhaps with the heat on Rampart Range Road, they’ll now be looking to foul fresh topsoil of other open spaces, like that of Red Rock canyon.

Have a look at this photographic confession offered at Memmelaar‘s website:
Jason Memmelaar rides in Garden of the Gods

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  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, it goes along with the notion that the mountains, and the forest, are permanently immobile and there would be no way to destroy them.

    Like hastening the erosion process. The Realtors said something similar about building on the (limestone) rock of the southern rockies in El Paso, because we had a Liberation Theology priest on our side in the debate, they thought they’d go all biblical and tell us that Jesus had said to build your house on a rock. Except it’s not “a” rock but a hugely unstable collection of various sizes of rocks, mostly shale and limestone, that even in the natural course of erosion whole cliff faces fall down.

    Apples and oranges? Nay verily. For the trees here are under all manner of assaults, logging, climate change, development, water diversion to support the development, roads both legal and illegal to support the logging, mining, proposed, former and extant rock fracturing to extract water, oil and other material needed to support the development, and a vast herd of Great American Jackass who look on the forest as a giant Amusement Park instead of their life support system.

    And ours. So the mountains here are heading quickly toward having as few tree roots holding them together as the Franklin Mountains (El Paso Texas)

    Oh, and the beetle infestation from the shorter warmer winter freeze events. But that’s not in any way caused by human intervention, the Dominionists told us so.

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