Morons at AFL-CIO say AT&T/T-Mobile merger will benefit union workers

That’s the problem with unions. Collective bargaining is key to making capitalists heed the people, but the big unions are co-opted by back- peddling idiots. Aka, counter-revolutionaries. The AFL-CIO praised this merger because the unionized AT&T will absorb the non-union T-Mobile workforce? Yeah, what’s left of the jobs. Increased monopolization means streamlined payrolls, more pressure to force concessions, and less leverage. In offering this endorsement of a proposed antitrust offense, the AFL-CIO takes its members for chumps. Remember the UFCW betraying the P-9 meatpackers, or the SEIU taking out the nurses’ union? Of course the Democratic Party is chiming in, claiming a merger will help gays, by the same tortured moron math. Americans need their unions, their own political party, and advocacy groups, but they have to start with taking a guillotine to the top. Finding his pro-corporate support uncharacteristic GLAAD members unmasked their leader. This can be a one-strike litmus test. Favor AT&T, mistaken or not, you’re out.

10 thoughts on “Morons at AFL-CIO say AT&T/T-Mobile merger will benefit union workers

  1. This is clearly NOT in the best interest of the public. I am disapointed but not surprised that our government is so corrupt that they are way more into the money that they get from At&t than what is best for the masses.

  2. Whoa bro, don’t let your ideology get in the way of the facts. AT&T has pledged to spend $8 billion to build out high speed broadband networks that will reach 97% of Americans. Check out the Economic Policy Institute’s assessment ( They estimate that investment will mean between 55,000 and 96,000 new jobs in the economy, about a quarter of those would be telecom jobs, the rest would be split between suppliers who feed the telecom sector and induced jobs as a result of increased spending by these new workers. This is good news for the economy and for labor.

  3. WHOA YOU! You’re lauding an inducement aka BRIBE being tendered by AT&T to convince the public a monopoly is not against their self-interest? What part of “moron” did you think was not addressed to you?

    If you want a comprehensive national broadband network, I’ll bet a WPA program could do that, AND the people would own it.

    Left to the marketplace, competition is the only assurance telecoms will invest in the economy.

  4. Ok Eric, The First thing to do is click this link and make your comments known to them

    Second, You are giving several workers the Idea that you are anti labor, your posts were pointed out to me.

    This statement you typed is now something I would encourage union members to do

    Here is what you typed above:
    Americans need their unions, their own political party, and advocacy groups, but they have to start with taking a guillotine to the top.

    again, I can’t tell you what to post or what not to post, I’ll tell you I think that statement goes overboard.

  5. No thanks.

    Howsabout YOU read about about how the UFCW screwed the Hormel workers, then get back to me.

    Ed, you have to bring some information to the table if you want to make an argument.

    It’s not “union bashing” to criticize the traitors in your leadership. Shouldn’t union membership mean you get something, instead of constantly having to concede?

    Uh, seriously Ed, do you really mean to direct your irritation at me, of all places?

  6. First of all, you mentioned taking leaders to the gillotine in another post, second, by posting this stuff you are showing the corporations that you are on their side….You and George Riechel have something in Common. this is the kind of propoganda that Union Busters use for example at walmart when they want to keep the Union from being formed by their workers. I can see you have the desire to help Walmart. You should be showing you are in support of the Union Members by what you are posting here you are showing that you are pro corporation

  7. Funny you should mention Walmart. The biggest undoing of current wages and benefits has been due to the failure of unions to organize Target and Walmart. You’ve got to ask yourself why. Because it was too hard? Imagine if machine gun nests had stopped the United Auto Workers from unionizing GM, Chrysler and Ford. Without all three, they had no leverage.

    Ed, get yourself union leaders who’ll side with the members, instead of being shills for corporate interests, as for example the AFLCIO is doing with ATT.

    Go right up the ladder calling them on their bullshit. If they’re the ones crying about ME being anti-union, there you have it. Ask them about Hormel Ed.

  8. Eric, You don’t even know what you are talking about, You are fortunate to be able to work for yourself and you probably always have been. It is funny How someone who probably never worked a day in their life can tell me they know what it is like to be a Union Member. Name one union shop you have ever worked in

  9. First of all, the Membership usually votes in these consessions. Union members have been known to kick out a bad leader. Again, what you are doing by posting this is helping out the Corporations. Union Busters use posts like this.

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