Panama Papers expose only foes of US. Source unknown. Smells like Ickyleaks.

All the usual suspects villains
Out of nowhere come the “Panama Papers” leaked from a lawfirm that assists money launderers and offshore investors of embezzled wealth. It’s great to see international corruption exposed. Apparently it’s rife only among world leaders adversarial to Washington DC. For example, Russia, Iran, Syria, etc, no usual suspect left ungathered. Aaaand.. the Prime Minister of Iceland is implicated! A new villain! This has prompted demonstrations in the tiny nation and bank-bailout holdout. Iceland is global banking’s public enemy number one. What do you bet those protests are backed by the same “pro-democracy” NGOs that fomented state-failure in Libya, Syria and Ukraine? There’s something fishy about leaked documents that taint only enemies of the New World Order.

Even if the Panama Papers have a second act wherein Western luminaries are revealed to be crooks, there’s something very convenient about their curation.

Now the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has dissed Wikileaks, explaining that their controlled release of information will harm fewer innocents. Except Wikileaks didn’t produce any casualties and two, can any of the tax avoiders and public wealth pilferers be innocent?

Ickyleaks is an apt name for the ICIJ.leaks sneaks.

1 thought on “Panama Papers expose only foes of US. Source unknown. Smells like Ickyleaks.

  1. Say, wasn’t former Panamian Puppet President Noriega an accomplice of Reagan and Bush (any of the Bushes) and Ollie North in a global scheme to destabilize, well, everybody?

    Where they made plenty bread subsidizing every side in every contemporary war including the militia folks who killed 300 american marines (and some French “peacekeepers”) then did a diversionary invasion of an island nation in the Caribean?

    And aren’t some of their accomplices like Secord and Poindexter big investors in Wall Street?

    I’d like to see what their bloody hands are involved in re the “Panama Scandal”

    America has been ripping off the Panamanian government since America created the Panamanian Government.

    There might be a way to take them down in the press, except they own the presses. There’s always the notion of hanging them from their own trees by their own intestines while they’re still alive.

    It doesn’t seem to solve the troubles but it would take out some of the real terrorists.

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