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Panama Papers expose only foes of US. Source unknown. Smells like Ickyleaks.

All the usual suspects villains
Out of nowhere come the “Panama Papers” leaked from a lawfirm that assists money launderers and offshore investors of embezzled wealth. It’s great to see international corruption exposed. Apparently it’s rife only among world leaders adversarial to Washington DC. For example, Russia, Iran, Syria, etc, no usual suspect left ungathered. Aaaand.. the Prime Minister of Iceland is implicated! A new villain! This has prompted demonstrations in the tiny nation and bank-bailout holdout. Iceland is global banking’s public enemy number one. What do you bet those protests are backed by the same “pro-democracy” NGOs that fomented state-failure in Libya, Syria and Ukraine? There’s something fishy about leaked documents that taint only enemies of the New World Order.

Even if the Panama Papers have a second act wherein Western luminaries are revealed to be crooks, there’s something very convenient about their curation.

Now the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has dissed Wikileaks, explaining that their controlled release of information will harm fewer innocents. Except Wikileaks didn’t produce any casualties and two, can any of the tax avoiders and public wealth pilferers be innocent?

Ickyleaks is an apt name for the ICIJ.leaks sneaks.

Vulcanic and biomass eco-terrorism?

EarthWhat of suspicions that the BP Macondo Well blowout was an act of ECO TERRORISM? What curious timing that Iceland is dealt full weight of world banking crime and retaliates with a natural resources blowout! Well, where Eyjafjallajokull blew its top could be coincidental, but these calamities of escalating proportion may not be Acts of God. Perhaps this is veritable wanton destruction wrought by an environmental zealot speaking with the gravity of an enraged planet. Doom and gloomers can foretell of oceans polluted beyond recognition and skies rendered opaque and impassible; I’m with BP defender who say this denoument was inevitable; Earth daring us to stare into our eleventh hour, Mother of all Jihadists.

The world’s first lesbian head of state

Johanna SigurdardottirIceland’s PM marks gay milestone Yes, this is truly historic just like Barack Obama’s arrival into power was for the US. But Iceland, like the US, is now under a collapsing capitalist economy directed by total Big Business control of their country. The pain and suffering that Iceland is now undergoing with its national economic collapse will only in the most slightest manner ever be alleviated just because a Lesbian now heads up their government.

It is the same with us in the US. Seeing Barack’s Black face in the White House will not in any way change the fact that his economic policie, and those of the Democratic Party he heads up now, are essentially the same economic policies the Bush Administration delivered to us previously. Sure, Barack’s ugly mug is certainly now better to look at than Bush’s, Cheney’s, Rumsfeld’s, Rice’s even uglier mugs that have become so to us, after 8 years of having to stomach them all the time. But so? That will hardly help the growing ranks of unemployed, under housed, and under cared for people in this country.

Congratulations, Johanna. However Iceland needs much more leadership than your Social Democratic caretaker government will ever deliver. It will take more than that to truly change the world from a road of total collapse, Iceland included. And in America, we will need more than Barack Obama’s face to look at in DC to protect us from Big Business as usual.