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Let them eat poo, or– A Tail of Too Shitty

So they had on the Today Show as we were ducking out the door, a talk-panel of three, a black woman, a white man and a white woman and their commentary was about "waste of money" (but I'm not sure they got their own pun) in a Virginia case enforcing the pooper-scooper law. Black lady said "No wonder the deficit is so high, we spend money doing this" ... "This" meaning they took pictures of the doggy doo and even went so far as to (gasp!) collect samples. You know, EVIDENCE instead of some prosecutor simply saying "well, we know (s)he did it" White boy in the middle agrees. White lady at the other end says "come on, it's only poop, nothing wrong with poop." and Dumbass White Boy in the middle agrees, Then she rolls her eyes and says "Really, who goes behind a four legged animal and picks up its poo? Why would anybody do that?" Good question, and fortunately, I have a good answer. First people who clean up after their pets are probably the same ones who change their kids' diapers at least once a week. People who take care of their families and animals. Who DOESN'T pick up the pet poo? Trash. You can tell when you're walking past their general area which ones they are just from the stench. And that's the ones who don't clean it out of their yard. People who let their dogs use other peoples' yards or sidewalks and don't clean it up are Trash with a social disorder. Even leaving it in Your Own Yard doesn't exactly Leave It In Your Own Yard. Because of Mr Rain and Mr Snow making water come from Mr Sky and washing Mr Poo into OUR DAMNED WATER SUPPLY. Then WE get to pay a lot of OUR money filtering out the bacteria from that poo. And that would be, everybody who pays a Utility Bill and THAT would be, simply everybody. The bacteria in dog and cat poop is from their intestines and one of the things it does is break down meat. You know meat, right? It's What We Are Made Out Of... If you're so Goddamn careless or callous that you'd force other people, like ALL OF US, to clean up after YOUR pet then you really don't have any reason to cry about it when WE have to correct your under-developed Social Consciousness. Also, a person like that really shouldn't own pets. Having pets means more than just slapping some kibble and water in their bowls and taking them outside to shit in somebody else's street sidewalk or yard AND everybody else's water supply. The elitist attitude of the White Lady inspired the title, A Tale of Two Cities was a Charles Dickens novel about the French Revolution and Marie Antoinette inspired that revolution partially with a really famous quote "If the peasants have no bread, then let them eat cake!" Much like the Wall Street thieves of today.

1/2 million in London in Pre-wedding drama

Demonstrating against cuts which force austerity on the poorest... but not on the richest. They've already (the protesters) once gotten their hands on Charles' car with him and lovely bride Camel-face errr his lovely camel Camilla, errr never mind over cutting education. Sound familiar? What that demonstrated was that the police tactic of "kettling" didn't work. Not if it's strategically outmaneuvered, instead of ONE or only several larger demonstrations, have a whole bunch of demonstrations all around the "kettle". Kettle the police in other words. While planning for his son's wedding. A huge Taxpayer Subsidized affair blatantly stating "Ha-Ha, we're rich, you're not, suck on it you Silly Peasants!" much like our own Self-Anointed Royals here in Colorado Springs. (Hi, Princess Lisa!) or Scott Walker in Wisconsin or the Emperor Brothers Koch. They attempted a "Let them eat cake" maneuver saying how the poor, wretched starving Royals had to "tighten their budget as well" for instance the newly created Princess will have to ride in a Previously Owned Rolls Royce! A, Qu'elle Horreur!!! Imagine the shame of the Royals being seing in public in a Used Car!!??? I personally believe Prince William will look quite handsome at the guillotine or, for the more impatient, being hoisted on several pitchforks at once. But the British Pigs at Scotland Yard are very worried.

So-called Free Market Capitalism doesn’t pay its bills

It instead leeches off Tax-supported Publicly paid enterprises like the Army and Police agencies, not coincidentally the only agencies they want to be continued to have Public Funding...Allow the wealthiest to not pay taxes on money they obtained through blatantly aggressive Government Interventions in the so-called "free" markets by using publicly funded Soldiers to take over any of the competing trade partnerships aka "Sovereign Nations" by extreme violence or the threat thereof. The Ayn Rand worshipers wouldn't be able to obtain the agricultural and mineral riches of MesoAmerica by their own machinations, even were they willing (unlike the huge majority of their favorite Mouthpieces like Reagan, Bush, John Wayne, Limbaugh, Coulter, Malkin, O'Reilly, Beck etc ... chickenhawks on parade) to use their OWN physical presence and risk their OWN worthless parasitic lives to do so. Their "superior" Invisible Hand of the "free" market wasn't in any way capable to take over even ONE nation, even the Stone-age technology nations they much more than decimated (decimated means taking only ten percent off, and the slaughter left alive more like 7%, more than NINE TIMES mere decimation) first through disease and then through violence using "superior" technologies against, again, Stone Age peoples. The Pilgrims and Puritans they worship as being Godlike Beings had Publicly Funded armies and navies behind them when they conquered the Northeastern U.S., not exactly Daniel Boone Striding Alone Into The Wilderness... (he was slightly more than a century later and even he, brave though he might have been, had the British Army backing him up. Even if they weren't sharing his camp) All that Publicly funded conquest is the basis for American Wealth but even the Rich White-boy so-called "Founding Fathers" weren't willing to pay the rent on the Soldiers and Equipment used to gain their financial base. They're not willing to pay the workers and even their own Corporate Partners who provide the construction and maintenance of the infrastructure, dams, water treatment, roads, that they would need to continue gaining their wealth. With "no new taxes" but plenty of new construction, at Public Expense and the most immediate benefit from that construction going to the "no taxes" manipulators and their mouthpieces like Doug Bruce and Tom Tancredo they say, literally, "We want you to sell us your labor, and your materiel, for a minuscule fraction of what it costs you to produce it, and if you don't give us what we want we'll have the Publicly Paid tax-supported Army and Police force you to comply, just like they did and still do in all the other Conquered Territories which pay THEIR tributes into our 'free' Market system" They're treating American workers the way they've treated the forced-labor of every "lesser" economy in the World, again, using the Fascist "freedom fighters" in the Police and Military, private and public to force us to comply the same way the "Operation Iraqi Freedom" PIGS force the Iraqi people to comply with their Corporate Whore-lords. Again, just like the Tea-Bag and other Right Wing Terrorist Extremists,