Another weeping pastor

What is it with these gays? You think that they would stop marrying and having babies? But they are just so full of sin they can’t seem to help themselves! Another Right Wing Protestant pastor has come out weeping once again. I’m talking about Denver’s, Rev. Paul Barnes.

You think by now these purple perverts would know that the Catholic Church is the one and only true Christian denomination, wouldn’t you? BONUS! With the Catholics, gays don’t have to get married and can continue a gay lifestyle unimpeded by having the kids around late at night. It’s kind of like the YMCA. So why are so many gays confused and flocking to these Protestant evangelical denominations? Guys, no need to flagellate yourselves in this sort of manner. Turn to Papa (the Pope, to those Anglophones) instead.

OK, seriously now. If Grace Chapel had any grace about it, they’d leave Rev. Paul (good Christian name) at their helm. For all they know, the original Big Bad Christian Paul was gay himself. There wouldn’t even have been a Christian Chuch without him. Though he didn’t sin by getting married, it seems.

So why does Grace Chapel force gays to live in matrimonial sin in order to preach? Pastor Barnes, I hope that you and your family will learn from this, and maybe at least transfer to the Metropolitan Church congregation? It’s just not worth it to stay with the ignorant bigots. There are better churches out there.

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