Chinese spirit needed at American hospitals

Americans have sat by complacently over the last several decades, silently accepting the cannibalization of their medical care by the US private sector. What was once a system on the cutting edge of medicine, has become a system on the cutting edge of a world wide medical breakdown.
As numerous medicine resistant diseases crop up across the world, the US govenment has been cutting access to care to its most vulnerable residents. Neither of the 2 major corporate parties seems much to give a damn either. Despite their prattle about how they are defending national secuirty by spending trillions on Pentagon funded corporate welfare, they refuse to even discuss the main security threat to Americans, which is the spread of new epidemics of disease. It is real simple to figure out. Infectious diseases don’t recognize the INS nor The Wall. They will cross over, so if you leave foreign populations desitute and disease ridden those bugs will migrate. And if you leave America’s population inside the national boundaries without access to adequate medical care, then you really destroy national security.

China, too, has this problem of an essentially capitalist medical system now in place. It, too, turns people away trying to get simple care. It, too, does it because of inadequate national coverage and a fee for hire doctor approach to doling out medical treatment. But compare the response of some Chinese to this situation, to the typical American sit on the butt drive in the car out shopping attitude prevalent here in the US. Millions in the US suffer each year from the total inadequacy of our own capitalist medical delivery system, with almost nary a peep of protest. But at least at one hospital in China, they did protest

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