Permission to attack Iran Sir?

The moment of truth is here for the US antiwar movement. The Democratic Party liberals ignored all the signs, and put all their hopes on obtaining what they did in the recent elections. Their party chairman, Howard Dean, told them it wouldn’t make a difference, but DP anchored liberals don’t learn easily. Instead of organizing beforehand to build protest against this Bush plan for regionalizing further the Iraq war, they kept silent, held their noses, and voted for the Democratic Party candidates yet again. They have no plan for withdrawal from this pro-war political party. They appear mired there forever, always getting betrayed.
But can it really be called a betrayal, when the leadership announces ahead of time that they will ignore you and keep aligned with Bush in support of continual war? Well, this week the Israelis will come and get the go ahead to launch their attack on Iran. And they will get that approval not just from Cheney and Bush, but from Pelosi and Dean as well. Those that voted for change when they voted Democratic Party will weep and wail, but will they actually call the demonstrations, mobilize their constituency, and get into the streets to march and rally? Or will they once again sit it out like they did with the recent US-Israeli invasion of Lebanon?

Here is the news item about the Washington DC US-Israeli junta to be held within 24 hours of now. Will the antiwar forces in Colorado Springs get their ‘eyes wide open’ butts in gear and organize a protest rally of some sort? We will pray for them to do so. Olmert-Bush plan Iran attack start

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3 Responses to Permission to attack Iran Sir?

  1. Avatar Tony says:

    As it turns out, Condoleezza Rice was in Israel last night threatening Syria with the same fate that the US-Israel plans to dish out to Iran. She will be flying back to Washington DC today for the Olmert-Bush junta. What the US-Israeli war machine is trying to do, is to find some angle to split Syria away from its joint defense alliance with Iran. There have been a series of American politicos of all sorts of shadows and stripes that have been urging Syria to take the supposed olive branch being offered in exchange for doing this service to the US war machine.

    The US wants to make its grand excuse for attacking Iran, once again the stop WOMD baloney. Syria is kind of inconvenient to that, since they have never really been accused of trying to develop their own atomic weapons. So it complicates the propaganda campaign for the Western media to have them in there fighting alongside with Iran.

    Just makes one wonder how much of the ‘Holy Lands’ are the ‘Christians’ prepared to destroy? They have leveled Iraq and Lebanon already, and now seem quite intent to destroy Tehran and Damascus in the days ahead as well. Their mindset shows that Israel and the US are totally addicted to state terrorism. It keeps the industries supplying the Pentagon and IDF going so strong.

  2. Avatar Tony says:

    Well, I think we should continue to have tears for all the dead Jews that died in Christian pogroms and also because of Christian participation in the Nazi Holocaust. Too, I think we should remember all the Armenians that the Muslim Turks did away with during that genocide. I think we need to remember the participation of Christian pastors, priests, and nuns in the Rwanda genocide. We need to remember how the US murdered millions in Korea and SE Asia, and how that led to the Khmer Rouge rampage. I think that we need to remember the people of East Timor that were slaughtered down. I think that we most certainly should think about how American, British, and French foreign policy has led to murders of millions in Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Algeria, Afghanistan, the Indian subcontinent, and Africa. I think we should remember the millions of Ukrainians slaughtered through famine and war, because of Russian and German nationalism, Hitler and Stalin. We could continue this list for sure. But I continue to have tears for the dead Jews, too.

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