Reactionary Tourism

I came across an article today that makes me really chuckle. For years now, a certain type of tourist has been going in groups to places like Cuba, the former Sandanista Nicaragua, and in earlier times, to China and the exSoviet Union. The purpose? Why to see what a revolution was really like! This type of travel by liberals and radicals earned the derisive label, ‘revolutionary tourism’ from conservatives.
Today, the biggest sponsor of this type of excursion for the liberal Left is through the organization ‘Global Exchange’. There are a very few other miniscule companies also that compete for liberal centavos, but Global Exchange is the big one. And head of that group, Medea Benjamin, is a diehard Democratic Party liberal voter, despite a brief Green fling. Today, she is a pilar of the Progressive Democrats of America and the Anybody But Bush mindset. So it really freaked me out, to find that Rupert Murdoch is now promoting travel that can only be described as the polar sameness to Revolutionary Tourism, which would be Reactionary Tourism, of course! What a brilliant man. Look in the travel section of his Sun newspaper chain for further details.

Well, I lied. Reactionary Tourism, as founded by Murdoch, cannot be found within the travel sections of his tabloids, but rather in the ‘news’ sections. We can probably look for Fox News to fill us in more about this reactionary way of travel in the days ahead, too. But what genius to found this idea of reactionary travel that Murdoch has had! And here are the people, Peter Worthington, noted Canadian homophobe, his noted Canadian hyperZionist father-in-law,David Frum, and that old adorable Reagan buddy, Ed Meese. Look ’em up in Wikipedia. The threee musketeers of reaction! But where to send them to?

See the luxury of Guantanamo!

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