Venezuelan elections set stage for another US coup attempt

The Associated Press, which is hardly a tool of Hugo Chavez, says that Chavez is set to win big in the approaching Dec. 3 elections. Per their most recent poll, Chavez has a 2 to 1 lead over his challenger, Manuel Rosales. This is easy to understand why. The latest figures show the Venezuelan economy growing at a 3rd quarter 10% rate. Plus, the social programs that his government has launched have been widely popular amongst the less fortunate sectors of the population. So why the danger of a coup attempt now?

Simply put, the opposition is calling the elections fraudulent beforehand. They are planning to demonstrate against the results, even before the election is held. The US has been funding this Right Wing opposition, directing it, and even dictating the strategy being currently used. The Venezuelan upper classes know that, alone, they might never regain their position of being able to totally run the country once again. And to run it into the ground further to enrich themselves more, as they had done previous to Chavez coming into office.

They are dependent on the US government to get themselves back into running the local show, and they do what they are asked to do most willing, and exactly as they are told by the White House. Their allegiance is more to Miami and D.C., than it is to their fellow citizenry. Without US government support, their ability to impoverish the nation’s poor will continue to erode, and they might have to move in with their Cuban friends in South Florida.

Plus, that’s a lot of oil for the likes of Dick Cheney to just write off. What better way to capture Chavez and probably murder him than to have their Caracas based stooges cause turmoil by claiming electoral fraud? The Bush league gringos have a lot of dollars to buy traitors off within the Venezuelan military, too. We can expect more US play made in this direction in the following days and weeks, and the Democratic Party would hardly be any opposition to such plans. They support the sulfuric stink of Bush, the Devil, versus the thug, as the Democrats recently were labeling Chavez. And Mr Danger, as Chavez calls our beloved Dubya, needs some sort of foreign policy ‘success’. Recapturing Venezuela for the US oil magnates would give him a much needed boost. And the Democrat Party jefes would be front line applauding it, too.

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