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US government continues its terrorist attacks against Iran

Iranian commanders assassinated. The US government, under multiple administrations has such a long record for using terrorism throughout multiple regions of the world that it is actually incredible that it has the gall to proclaim that it is now engaged in a 'global war against terrorism', even as it uses terrorism in areas like Somalia, Honduras, and Iran, not to mention other countries. Open up your eyes, my fellow Americans. Your own government is a terrorist government itself! 10185

Arab dictator allies of US line up in support of Israeli terrorism against Gaza

Silence. Or worse yet even, efforts to blame Hamas instead of Israel for the new slaughter in Gaza. That's what the US allied Arab dictatorships imposed on the Arab world offer their people. Complicity. Many of these Sunni Arab elites (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, et cetera) are eager for the US to hammer the Shiite led Iranians, and have no solidarity at all with their own poor let alone the Palestinian poor of Gaza.... or Palestinians elsewhere for that matter. This is the opening battle of the war to bring about regime change in Iran for the Washington, D.C. rat class, and the Arab dictatorships controlled by the US government are fully behind the effort. 5862

Blackwater Thugs: Fallujah “heroes”?

There's a War-drum-beating propaganda special coming on this evening on one of the cable history channels... The teaser says "When four Blackwater private security contractors were brutally murdered and their bodies hung up for everybody to see" BULLSHIT... 3339

i have no tribe dot com slash lineage is a stateside effort for ex-pat Kenyans to renounce their tribal ties, or give it the old college try, to set an example for their friends and family (and tribe!) back home. The new refrain being: I am a Kenyan. Valiant, but what does it mean? At NMT we know something about tribe. 2564

Greg Mortenson’s own cup of tea

Greg Mortenson finds himself on the vanguard of Pax Americana the same way he stumbled into the mountain village beneath K2. He has no idea the enormity of the power behind his continued fortune.

US government breeds terrorism everywhere

Our government is the #1 breeder of terrorism across the planet, same as it is the #1 world breeder of drug trafficking. The latest from Iraq is news of how a car bomb went off in a Kurdish market where people buy their food, with hundreds killed and wounded. Who did it? The short answer is that you and I did. 1435

Algonquin, Iroquois, Hmong, Montagnard, Pashtun, Kosovars, Bosnian Muslims, Kurds, Timorese

What a tragic list. The list is actually much, much larger than the one I put here as the title of this thread, but the unifying theme is a simple one. It is a list of smaller national groupings that have cooperated in some way with major imperialist powers, usually with tragic results to themselves. It is a list of smaller cultural, racial, national groupings that have gotten historically used and buffeted by much larger powers, that themselves were acting in their own perceived interests within much larger world conflicts. 1016

Tom Tancredo, my old homebase is in the news again, You Dope

I have spend a lot of time in Tamaulipas, Mexico. And I once lived in Laredo across the river from this story, too. If you have never imagined such a place, Laredo is America's largest inland port. That would make where this story occurred, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico's largest inland port. Just one shallow river that flows from Colorado's mountains, divides the 2 cities. Subcomandante Marcos (now going by the name, Delegate Zero) of the Zapatistas visited there last month. Here is what he saw, amidst the garbage of Tamaulipas. 808

Nancy Pelosi’s new dog, Silvestre, fails IQ test

Democratic Party exINS police dog, Silvestre Reyes, flunked his IQ test this week. The new head of the House Intelligence Committee was given a series of basic questions about the Middle East by the journal Congressional Quarterly Today, and scored ZERO on their IQ test for him. Yes, truth is stranger than fiction, it seems. But Pelosi's pick for the spot didn't seem to even know the difference between the Sunnis and the Shia! Unbelievable! Maybe they should rename it the House Ignorance Committee instead? 795

Is Iraq in ‘Civil War’?

Our national debates often enter into surreal territories, and I got to say that I find the liberal sites to be almost as bad as the conservative ones when it comes to their examination of US militarism. Today finds the liberal sites, like Alternet and CommonDreams celebrating what a supposed advance forward it is that NBC started calling the situation in Iraq a civil war. The White House duly responded with, "Is not! Is not!". So there, we now have lined up the two sides of the usual American idiocy, The Democrats versus the Republicans. Yawn.... But is the Iraq conflict in reality a 'civil war' like the liberals are now declaring it to be? I think not. 726

Jay Fawcett, Moderate Republican at best

It is really sad to see the local liberals buying into the campaign of Jay Fawcett. Granted that his opponent Doug Lamborn is about as repulsive as you can get, but that's still little excuse to go out and vote for Fawcett. The most notable aspect of his campaign has been how he has tied himself into alliance with the national campaign for president of Wesley Clark, Clinton's man for invading Yugoslavia.   How is supporting Fawcett and Clark pushing for peace and less military? Both were quiet for those 8 long years, as Clinton and Gore waged war on Iraq through bombings and economic sanctions that led to hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocent civilians. Which also led to the beginning of the ethnic dividing up of Iraq that is destroying the country at present. Clinton's military people pushed into Kurdish Iraq to arm and use them against the Sunni Bathists of Hussein. Now Iraq has an ethnic civil war running hot that is destroying the country. 577

Irreligious troubles

Remember the troubles in Ireland? They were religious wars is what we were told. The Catholics against the Protestants. Been going on for centuries. Indeed. 422

Banners make the news

The local NBC affiliate 5/30 did an excellent story involving Camp Casey. See the video clip here.   They covered our Sunday morning send-off of IVAW members who were leaving to join the March 14 peace march along the Gulf Coast. And they also gave our banners some visibility. 150