Are they ‘Green’, or just the same old corporate cons?

A lot of energy is now being put into painting corporations ‘Green’. Here in Colorado Springs, we have a local daily rag that is so fossilized that it resists doing even that, and instead is still trying to deny that there are any ecological problems at all. But this is a trench (stance) increasingly unable to be adequately defended by corporate America, so mostly they have retreated into a new trench laid a way back from the previous one of pure denial.

The second trench is painted ‘Green’ in a much louder manner than paraders did at the St Pat’s Day events around the globe, but is there anything real about the ‘Green’ of corporate America? Is the leopard really losing its grimey spots, and being turned into a nice green pussy cat of environmental responsibility? Is Dupont going ‘responsible’, say?

Check out what Fidel Castro has to say about American plans for biofuels. It turns out that he is alive after all, so reactionaries everywhere, your tickets to go down to Miami to celebrate his death with the Cuban-CIA rif-raf will just have to be put on hold once again. Maybe you can get your money back still? Oh, but you have waited so long…. for Castro to be murdered, or just expire on his own. Instead, you wake up and find that he is doing the Al Gore Tango instead! And more convincingly than Al himself does, too. How you must weep and wail!

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