Genocide remembrance for Jews only

Daniel Pearl’s name is being added to the Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial. Said the murdered journalist’s father, “the same forces that killed my grandparents in Auschwitz, the forces of hatred, are still operating in our world in the 21st century — and Danny is one of the victims.” Say What?!

Pearl is the first non-Holocaust victim to be added to the list. No one’s been added from among the victims of genocides which have ensued after WWII either. Gypsies, for example, who died along with Jews, Gays and Communists in the German extermination camps, suffer relentless persecution still, but none have been added to the list.

Said the chair of the Holocaust Memorial committee,

“Daniel really died for basically one reason, and basically the same reason 6 million others did, and that was for the crime of being a Jew.”

Though Israel’s criminal acts of genocide against the Palestinians and Lebanese may invite some to think otherwise, nowhere is it a crime to be Jewish.

Daniel Pearl was not the first or last Jew to visit Pakistan. Will no one consider the obvious offense Pearl’s captors would have taken? Daniel Pearl was writing about Islamic militancy for the leading jingoist Neocon pro-Israel warmonger yellow-press newspaper of all, the Wall Street Journal.

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7 Responses to Genocide remembrance for Jews only

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    We should not expect the worldwide Jewish community to add all the other victims of all the other holocausts against all the other ethnic and culture groups, to their own day of remembrance of the Jewish victims of the WW2 fascist holocaust.

    When Native Americans talk of their own holocaust, they do not add mention of Jewish victims into their discourse, and neither do American Blacks when they discuss the devastation and horrors of slavery. And that’s well the way it should be, since each group victimized in such a horrible way as the Jews were in WW2 must concentrate first on their own recovery.

    I think that a day of remembrance for Jewish holocaust victims is entirely worthy of our respect. It was a horrible crime that was done to the world Jewish population.

  2. Eric Eric says:

    No disagreement. But why then should Daniel Pearl be considered just like the victims of the Holocaust? Were they too agents of a Zionist newspaper cheerleading the US crusade against Islam including the assault on Afghanistan?

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Certainly, adding Daniel Pearl to the list does absolutely nothing to honor the remembrance of the Jewish victims of what were principally fascist Christians making up Hitler’s legions.

  4. Avatar Lawrence E. Kay says:

    To Eric: The use of the word Zionist is inappropriate. The WSJ is not a Zionist newspaper. In fact, the use of the word Zionist is often a code word for anti-semitism. Perhaps you meant to say pro Israel newspaper. Also, in you previous rant, you talk about Israeli crimes against the Palestinians, and do not mention Palestinian terrorist crimes against Israelis, mostly unarmed civilians.

  5. Eric Eric says:

    Zionists as anti-Simites, I would not have thought of it that way, but it makes sense. The Zionists are acting against the interest of the majority of Jewish peoples.

    The Wall Street Journal is most certainly pro-Zionist, judged exclusively by their op-ed pages. Not all Israelis are Zionists, but if you want to say pro-Israel in terms of backing Israel’s aggressive racist behavior, it works.

    You can write about the Palestinian terrorist acts, without any objection from me. I want to concentrate on the bigger crime. The Palestinians are an occupied people, resisting Israeli oppression and slowly succumbing to extermination.

  6. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Lawrence, I think that you betray yourself with your own words quite well. You do not believe that there have been any ‘Israeli crimes against Palestinians’ at all. Instead, you call that accusation a ‘rant’.

    This is pretty incredible I think, and I would like to see you defend your absurd viewpoint in greater detail. I don’t think that you can so in any rational or believeable manner. There have been horrible crimes committed by the Jewish residents of Israel against their Arab neighbors and you are in total denial about that, it most certainly seems.

    Then you go on to talk of a supposedly contrasting problem that you call ‘Palestinian terrorist crimes against Israelis’. Your viewpoint is rather evident in that to you, ‘Israelis’ are totally synonimous with being Jews. How natural this is, since you are upholding the idea of having ‘a Jewish nation’ and not a multi-ethnic one with equal rights for all.

    Further, we note how you are unable to equate Palestinian behavior with Jewish in any way. Arabs commit ‘terrorist crimes’ in your opinion, while Jews can commit only regular old ‘crimes’, though even saying that much is a ‘rant’, as I remember. Mere traffic matters as compared to the ‘terrorist crimes’ being committed by the people you consider inferior to Jewish people, the Palestinians.

    Let’s clear up one big thing here, Lawrence. The Jewish people of Israel are supporting and using terrorism, and have committed many more terrorist crimes against Palestinians than the other way around. Don’t you think it terrorism to be half starving the Palestinian population as is currently being done by Israel’s Jewish population?
    I most certainly do, Sir.

    You are soft on the issue of ‘terrorism’ it appears, especially when it is terrorism committed by Jewish people while trying to steal Arab land and properties. Stop supporting Jewish terrorism on mostly unarmed Arab civilians. Can you do that?

    The idea of supporting a ‘Jewish state’ is an abombination in the same manner as supporting an exclusively ‘Christian state’ would be. It is shameful that so many people who think of themselves as being liberal actually support a ‘Jewish’ government based on racial and religious preference and beliefs in cultural superiority to those being suppressed.

  7. Avatar CJ says:

    But you also have to think about how Israel became its own state in the first place…who funded it, who died for it, etc.

    It is true that many people were victims of genocide during the NSDAP regime in Germany, and all are worthy of being remembered, but as always, it is a question of money. Have the Gypsies or Anti-Fascists of today written grants in order to secure funds to create a memorial to the non-Jews who were murdered? It’s a quagmire, this issue. If the Jews want to make a memorial for their own people, then that is their perrogative. But at least everyone in the world KNOWS that it was genocide, and the German government of today admits to it and has made an effort for reparations; however, the U.S. government STILL, to this day, has NEVER admitted that they committed genocide against the Indian race. Once the U.S. government admits that, perhaps we will see more people take responsibility for their various actions.

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