Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is a day chosen by the Jewish government of Israel in the ’50s as a day for remembrance of the millions of Jews who died in Europe during World War Two. The date was chosen because it corresponds to the day the Warsaw Ghetto uprising began, one of the most heroic efforts of resistance to tyranny in the history of all mankind.

The horror of the holocaust against the Jewish community occurred over 60 years ago, but humankind should never forget the victims. They were victims of the apathy of US and non fascist Europe, as well as the fascist movement itself. A horrrible attempt was made to totally eliminate Jewish culture and the Jewish people themselves, and the whole world lost out as well. We now all suffer from the lack of having the Jewish culture of that era still with us today.

May the Jewish victims rest in peace and let us move to stop yet more future Holocausts from occurring again, whether it be against the Jewish community or any other community as well.

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