Out of Congo and into Sudan?

Today’s news has John Negroponte, the US point man for its interventions in Africa, getting the Sudanese government to allow US proxy troops into the Darfur region. Meanwhile, in Congo, US proxy troops under the UN Security Council command, have decided to stay one month longer in that country. And meanwhile, the scandal of US directed torture and invasion continues to unfold in the news coming from the Horn of Africa, as well over a hundred thousand Somalis have been forcerd to flee for their lives from the capital of Somalia alone.

The US and its forces are now all over the continent of Africa ‘directing the traffic’ of war, and clueless George and his neocon gang haven’t the beginning idea of how to bring about any long term stability anywhere in that region. That’s where the US antiwar movement should help, by simply demanding that the US and its European allies vacate ALL their African activities. That’s the long term solution for Africa’s problems, and the sooner the better. The majority of Latin Americans want the US to stay out of their political, military, and economic affairs, and so do the majority of Africans.

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