How about a 3rd party for THE BOYARS?

Boyars kissing up to the CzarGrassroots Democrats! What have you got to say for your party? Sixteen Democrats crossed over to approve the expanded surveillance act. Why? Republicans stick together, why can’t the Democratic Party leadership? Twas 16 with 6 not voting, giving Bush’s measure the needed votes. Perhaps the 16 drew the short straw and were cast across the aisle to pass the measure, cast by the Democratic leadership who got to stay off the record.
The point is, the Dems, just like the GOP, continue to back Bush. They refuse to bring the war to a close, they enforce corporate monied rule. That’s the way it works, while the media has us scratching our heads wondering why those darned Dems do dat?

I have an idea. Let’s create a third party, and let THEM have it. The Monied Party, the Landlord Party, oh let them name it. It will be so them. Let them deal with the dismal prospects the media gives a hypothetic new party. Why shouldn’t the American people get to keep their established parties?

Republican and Democratic caucuses, vote to eject your political representatives. Retake your party. Your reps in Washington are not representing you. Get rid of the traitors. Expel them.

Standing politicians, voting for Bush or Pfizer, or Exxon or Dow, or the AMA or Prudential, or GE or General Dynamics, or Wal-mart or the Waltons, or Disney or Murdoch, give them their own party. The Boyar Party I’d call it. From historical depictions, Boyars look like the kind of folk who wouldn’t give you or me the time of day. I cross my fingers we elect a Czar with the guts to nail their hats to their heads.

Then set about to find candidates who will represent YOU. Don’t stand by for table scraps from candidates who can’t say in public what they pretend to promise you in private. It doesn’t happen, they get to Washington and they betray all of us. Ditch ’em.

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