Is there life after SaveDarfur?

Update: Retired UN ambassador Lakhdar Brahimi is interviewed on BBC the World: Elder statesmen seek Sudan progress.
Save Darfur from UN peacekeepers of Pax Americana.
If you can’t support the SAVE DARFUR call to arms, where does that leave you?

Is there no “grass roots” non-profit think-tank network supporting financial incentives to encourage benevolent stewardship on the part of the Sudanese government? (Maybe none flush with money.) Is there no one urging US and allies to quit arming those fighting the government forces so that China wouldn’t be called upon to resupply munitions to Khartoum?

That is whose fault?

Is there no congressional representative you can call to suggest legislation laying out diplomatic encouragement in lieu of divestiture and corporate maneuvers to snatch Sudan’s resources from the clutches of the Chinese?

That is whose fault?

Just because an alternative may be a little more complicated than can be explained beneath a compelling poster, is no excuse not to take the high road.

Just because your options are offered as the lesser of two evils: either approve UN peacekeepers or we will have to launch missile strikes, does not mean you have to choose either. Have you only Hillary or Obama to chose for presidential nominee? No you don’t. Would any other candidate stand a chance to be elected? Should you try and see?

Do not ask others to settle for your lack of imagination or stamina.

1 thought on “Is there life after SaveDarfur?

  1. Brahimi is no ‘elder stateman’ but is a prime example of how the United Nations is now little more than an agent of the US government and Pentagon.

    Brahimni was the UN face that covered up and gave stamp of approval for the illegal US attack and occupation of Afghanistan. He supported that occupation by the Pentagon and most probably still continues his mealy mouthed supposed pro- ‘human rights’ bullshit as further stamp of approval for US actions against the Afghan people.

    In short, he is an imperialist dressed up in sheep’s wool.

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