Laura Bush’s ‘Take a Child to the Libary to Read’ program

The corporate media does such a snow job on us, that most Americans actually seem to buy deep into the image making that is pushed off onto us. Dubya the Clown sez, No Child Left Behind’ and we take that crap seriously, all due to the media dope we are brainwashed with so constantly. Dorothy, I’ve fallen to the ground amongst the poppies.

And how ’bout Laura’s Oprah-style booklists? They sold us on Reading, Righting, and Rithmatick, haven’t they? Such people people they are! Helping the little kids along…. to learn how to read. So let’s take a trip to the libary, shall we not? Let’s go to Salt Lake City’s public library with Chip Ward! Might be good to take some pepper spray along? What do you think?

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