MoveOn vigil at Woodmen and Powers

A MoveOn member got fed up with all the vigils being close in downtown, and called a street corner vigil late Monday afternoon in his out of the way (for many of us) neighborhood at Woodmen and Powers. It was a great success, and we even had one Iraq vet, who was passing by, get out and demonstrate against the war with us!

When asked if he wanted to hold one of the 2 remaining signs, he chose the one that said, ‘Stop US Torture of POWs’ instead of the one that just said ‘PEACE’. He kept repeating that he was worried about a frined of his who was still over there.

We had 8 people protesting The War in all. Not bad and many people were pleasantly surprised to see us protesting in such an unlikely, but well trafficked place. Earlier, in another peace vigil here in Colorado Springs, we even had a cop in a police car give us the peace sign. I guess the publicity about the St Pat’s day nonsense was part the reason why. People, even some cops, don’t like totally uncalled for abuse in the manner that happened last Saturday afternoon.

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2 Responses to MoveOn vigil at Woodmen and Powers

  1. Avatar Lane says:

    I not suprised that a veteran supported the anti-war protest. Many soldiers in our military still maintain their ability to think freely, in spite of the constant brain-washing that goes on within the various levels of military command and the propaganda of the American Foces Network (AFN) which is often the only channel available to soldiers in remote bases around the world.

    Many police officers too, whether or not they are former military personell, retain their ability to use rational thought and reason in situations where their coworkers and superiors may be blinded by political considerations. They are able to consider a situation and a course of action without having their decisions steered by thoughts of politics as it plays itself out in departmental assignment of duties and considerations of promotions. We need more of these free-thinking individuals to boldly stand up and be heard.

    We can’t let politics interfere with justice and peace in our “free” society. The military is trying to take away the honorable discharge of a marine after he served six years. Why? Because he has decided to speak out against the illegal and immoral war he had to take part in to fulfill his obligation as a volunteer soldier. Read about Adam Kokesh at to learn what the US military is doing to try to silence him. And please help if you can and if you care about freedom of speech and if you are not to afraid to act in this so-called “…land of the free, home of the brave.”

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