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Self-defense: overdoing it

Toons weekly peace vigil at Nevada and Dale, Colorado SpringsCOLO. SPRINGS- These past years have been a boon to our local defense industry. Despite the deployments and casualties, war pays the bills and builds corporate fortunes. For so many in Colorado Springs whose bread and butter comes from defending freedom, our little weekly peace vigil is a disquieting sight. There are always more smiles than frowns, but those displeased are pretty livid.

Third Year of Nevada & Dale PEACE vigil

September’s 3RD FRIDAY IRAQ MORATORIUM is rescheduled/merged to this week’s MONDAY NOON VIGIL, where Colorado Springs’ most persistent antiwar loiterers will curse their THIRD YEAR. Please join us Monday at Noon, at Nevada Ave and Dale Street. –UPDATE 9/22:

Camp Casey Colorado Springs began in mid September 2005, and caught flack for conflicting with the Lavender Film Festival opening that evening (the 2008 PPLFF opens tonight!). Our first concurrent action was a counter-recruitment effort -more coincidence- at Palmer High School. After several months of nightly campfires, the full-time campers adjourned for the winter, but a daily vigil was continued out of concern for a Christian Peacemaker Team abducted in Iraq. After the CPT hostages were released, the vigil keepers convened weekly, and continue to this day.