New Orleans

Police attack crowd with mace and tasers where people were trying to express opposition to tearing down perfectly serviceable Public Housing units in New Orleans. The US government wants Black people not to return to New Orleans for the same racist reasons that they didn’t bother reinforcing the levees in the first place before Katrina hit.

It was then a Black dominated city and the White Dixiecrat political establishment of Louisiana hated having to govern over such a concentration of poor income Blacks. It was an Apartheid city where Blacks had too much sway over the politics of the area in the White Political Establishment’s eyes, so the federal government, too, just didn’t think it important enough to do the job of holding back the flood waters that might occur, and eventually did.

So now they are trying to keep poorer Blacks dispersed by Katrina from being able to return to their former neighborhoods. Nothing has changed. The federal, state, and local governments are engaged in a giant racial relocation program that keeps former Black residents from being able to survive return to their city. White policy here? Divide, keep them away, and conquer. The same policy of divide and conquer used in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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2 Responses to New Orleans

  1. Avatar apm says:

    Logan: I wonder which projects are “servicible” in New Orleans? St. Thomas? The ones boarding MLK Blvd. just before Carrolton? And also, an apartheid city. I would like to hear your personal experience living as a resident in the city to make such statements.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    apm, I lived in New Orleans for a year and worked at Charity Hospital. I lived on Canal Street and walked to work, in fact. If you really want, I could describe more for you the set up at Charity Hospital that made it resemble Apartheid South Africa?

    I have lived in other racially divided cities (Philadelphia, for one example), but never one that was more divided along racial fault lines than New Orleans.

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