Congress has passed a war appropriation with an Iraq withdrawal proviso, so everyone’s ramping up to protest the veto Bush has threatened next week. …We want to protest Bush’s rejection of a withdrawal? We’ll have to protest a signing statement if anything at all. When has this administration done what anyone has asked, even if only a question?!

Bush got the money for Halliburton. That’s what’s happened. That’s it, done deal! The flow of taxpayer dollars to the military industry flows unimpeded. Fait Accomplished!

The Democratic majority could have stopped the war cold. Cut off the funds prompting a quick pull-out. Now the only authorities with leverage to stop the war have it no longer. I read a newspaper opine today “now the negotiations begin.” How’s that? Bush has been given the farm, the barn door’s open, and the world better duck and cover.

Bush’s objection to the timetable is subterfuge. And the Democrats’ withdrawal plan is virtually symbolic, leaving permanent bases and personnel in Iraq for the perpetual conflict. To what need Bush object? He loses Carte Blanche for Carte off-white.

We can only hope that Bush believes his own turds and comes through with a veto.

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