Other US peace activists with misdemeanor charges pending

The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade produced a net total of 7 misdemeanor charges against 7 peace people here in Colorado Springs, but is that typical of the whole US to have this sort of thing happen? After all we are the country where human rights are respected, democracy flourishes in a garden like atmosphere, and habeus corpus is the law of the land. So let’s go to Florida now and see what produced another misdemeanor charge agianst a peacenik to be filed once again by local police?

Instead of the provocative and inflamatory KIDS NOT BOMBS sign that Marie carried, there the peacenik actually carried an even more inflamatory sign! One that demanded FOOD NOT BOMBS! How horrible is that?! These subversives need to show some respect to ordinary Americans, who just want to live in a non-violent society uninterrupted all the time by violent protesters inconsiderately spreading their messages of hate. They should just shut up and get a job.

And all the nice folk upset at the 7 charged here in Colorado Springs should also write to the mayor of the lovely town of Orlando, and let him know that they in Colorado Springs support what he is doing to keep Mickey Mouse safe in America. The nutty Leftist there is lucky the police didn’t use the stun guns on him, when his stew was stolen. Oh well, next time. This ‘peace’ thug certainly will be unable to keep himself out of trouble once again. Why don’t they pass a federal 3 misdemeanors and you are out law?

AMERICA LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT! If you can’t live by the rules I’ll buy you a free ticket to Guantanamo, Peace Dudes…

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