Pigs 1 Decency 0

the non binding referendum on funding fell out on party lines, with Joe Lieberman voting with the fascists, as per expected, according to Yahoo.

Then in another link to a New York Times article about a man who was never charged with a crime, but spent two years in an American run torture hell-hole.

The fucking lying pigs made him sign a statement that he hadn’t been abused while in their “care” just like the motherfucking lying pig assholes right here in Colorado do.

They stated that they occasionally used the Taser torture devices on prisoners, but only when the PIGS felt they were in danger. LYING FUCKING TORTURE FREAKS. I FUCKING KNOW BETTER YOU FUCKING PIG ASSHOLES.

They also stated that there was a grievance procedure and that all claims of abuse were investigated. Fuck you you murdering lying torturing control freak asshole pig motherfuckers.

I was glad to hear that Jensen and Jordan got their pig asses FUCKED OFF and I was just sorry that I wasn’t there to watch as they were sent to Hell where they belong.

2 thoughts on “Pigs 1 Decency 0

  1. Brother JonahBrother Jonah Post author

    And after 2 years of being in prison being tortured but never charged with a crime.

    The pigs here do the same thing, only they usually make up some form of charges to make it look better.

    And they get the Redneck Sheep to bleat “if you were arrested you must be guilty. The Policeman is your Friend. If you have done nothing wrong, why should you fear the KGB, Comrade? Big Brother is always right… Four legs good, two legs baaaaaaadddd!”

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