Thank God our idiotic local selections are finally over

I have been purposely avoiding writing up to now about the embarrassing Colorado Springs elections where our corporate dictatorship offered up the worst of the worst for our supposed choosing. It was just too ugly for words. There was only one mayoral candidate that offered us much choice. For the city council I just wrote in- NONE of the above rats. What else could a sane person do?

I have seen more substance in high school elections for homecoming queen that what we got. Democracy cannot thrive or even begin to exist in a demobilized and demoralized society like currently exists in Coilorado Springs, and the overwhelming rest of the country, too. This is not a democracy we are living in. It is numbskull land. Our corporatized world is totally TV plastic 99 cent menu everywhere, and nowhere more so than in what passes as ‘elections’. Thank God it is over. I wish it were.

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20 Responses to Thank God our idiotic local selections are finally over

  1. Eric Eric says:

    Tony- Jan Martin won. Take a look at her bio, she’s a great step foward.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Did Bob “No Bull” Null get his ass defeated?

    How much power does a Mayor actually have in Colorado? Skipping to trashing Lyin’ Hell Rivera… Sorry about that lame alliteration of his name, I haven’t had my coffee yet…

    Most cities the job itself doesn’t pay a tenth of whatever it costs to get the job, election expenses and such.

    In Dallas a week’s worth of TV commercials would cost more than the salary for the entire term…
    The theory is that you would be able to steal it back, with interest…

    But the city council presides over a 2 billion dollar budged, according to the Indy.

  3. Avatar The 13th says:

    I’ll also add television is also currently under a broadening movement as well. Take a reconsider of the informational power that YouTube currently shares in distributing alternative media.

    Granted YouTube is under corporate challenge, but likewise, it’s owned by a corp that, at present, is holding the line for User Rights.

    You can even find films like David Lynch’s “Dumbland” series there, although they are of course, infringements. The question is: will the fringe become a line of action that we all endorse?

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    The unspoken part of the copyright lawsuits seems to be that people can watch material that has already been broadcast, without having to see the commercials.

    The same reason the same people became so angry about VCRs, because people could ZAP the commercials, with a quick fast forward. That and you could watch shows from competing networks which you couldn’t do in real time.

    If you wait 8 weeks for the re-runs, though, you can see exactly what you really weren’t missing all that much to begin with.

    The recording industry had a similar fit of rage back when a combination radio/cassette recorder came on the market. Now it’s file sharing and they are making the same whining rant that it will kill artistic expression or worse yet, the Big Label business model…

    My personal take is that a full 90% of what’s offered as entertainment releases are bullshit, badly done, not worth buying in the first place, heavily over-promoted and that would be the real reason movies like Lion King II really didn’t do that damned well.

    The fact was that the whole movie was predictable, bland and an all around Turkey of course had nothing to do with its miserable sales… no, no, it was those pesky Internet Pirates…

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Eric, I had not gone to her website before, and I had used mainly the Citizen Project’s April 2007 Municipal Elections Issue’ intereviews of the candidates to obtain information abotu the candidates. There she performed poorly, as did most all the other candidates, with their responses.

    However, after going to her website, I still am totally underwhelmed by her. Just what is it that moves you to support her, Eric? Her resume of having headed up the Ronald McDonald House? lol…

    We need regular people from the community, and I don’t mean the business community, to run city council. Jan Martin is not that element of the community sorely needed, but is just another hack associated with the business community itself. In fact, that’s where her funds came from to run for office. There is nothing I see about her that would breathe any fresh air into the city government. I wish that I would be wrong though.

  6. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    I know Jan. I like Jan. Jan is into the arts and the idea of creating cultural diversity here, if nothing else. And she’s not in bed with Jim Morley.

  7. Avatar The 13th says:

    Jonah, per copyrights versus content – I could not agree with you more! Did you know that in 2005 the Supreme Court met to discuss the Betamax case again? This of course is what gives home users right to use their VCRs. So, the internet does propel us forward and often through corporate presence, but it’s just as capable of causing one gigantic backstep as America shifts to becoming an Information based economy.

    The war on copyrights is more than quality of entertainment. It’s the right to expression and cultivation of ideas that is at stake. Luckily we still have public libraries, although they are equally as prone to censorship. And of course, blogging is currently a viable option for many.

    So back to Tony’s topic… Yep, a candidate that supports the arts is one good way to judge if diversity will be part of their ticket.

  8. Avatar PC says:

    How did you vote on the $12,000 salary for the city council members? If you voted yes, then I will assume you truely want regular people from the community to participate in the city government. That is the only way regular people ccould conceivably participate, unless they have other means to suppliment their lost income while they perform their duties.
    If not, what is your solution to the dilemma?

  9. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    The solution is always a lot harder to achieve than just the analysis of what’s wrong. Always.

    As to your question, PC, NO I did not vote for the increase in salary, simply because it would be going to people not representative of the community as a whole, but rather people totally tied to the business community and military-industrial complex.

    The reason we have these corporate types heading up government all the time has nothing to do with the officials’ salaries being low. When government official salaries are high we still have the same type running the whole show. There are other reasons for making this the case than too low a salary.

    The main cause of our national malaise in the political arena, is simple. Common folk have surrendered the notion that they shoud have the major voice in the affairs of our country. In fact, they no longer seem to even think that they deserve ANY voice!

    They have been convinced of this, simply because we do not have a democracy, but rather a system of governance where representaiton in everything is bought and sold by dollars. Ordinary Americans are cash short and locked out by this fraud that the corporate media passes off as being prototypical democracy. So they are left feeling hopeless, demoralized, and unworthy. And they have become totally passive and accepting of any abuse from the corporate sector because of this, Democrats as well as Republican voters.

    Americans now largely have no concept of what a wage earner’s political party could even be. But that is precisely what must be built in America to change things around. Before that can be done, Americans must once agian begin to see the need to not tag along after one of the corporate parties are the other, though. Just voting DP-RP and otherwise being neutralized from participation in political life is not going to cut it in the years ahead. Popular solutions will only come about by abandoning this mindset.

  10. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    If they paid me half that, with medical benefits, (of course) and guaranteed me a frontal lobotomy or at least a bottle in front of me.. nah, I still wouldn’t consider it.

    For one thing I try very hard to be a pacifist, but some of those freaks in city government make me have to reconsider every day, because of course The Dark Side is always there….

    “Luke, I am… your FATHER”!

    I think I serve society far better just as an itinerant street preacher, musician and wandering prankster.

    We don’t need no stinkin’ badges…

  11. Avatar The 13th says:

    everything you own? it’s just a rental…

  12. Avatar The 13th says:

    Springs Tourism Dept. : here’s a locally-owned, room with a view…

    hopefully he’s of age to listen too. he’s certainly of age to be a soldier of fortune or war…

  13. Avatar The 13th says:

    (argh! typos..) pls another amend per above. read that as “listen too/to”

    too many sleepless nites since StPaddy’s and beyond.
    great write on the void of new definitions, tony, btw.

  14. Avatar PC says:

    So, no one has a viable solution to the problem, just invectives. I say let’s give Jan Martin a chance. She will have enough difficulties to overcome just working with the current members of the city council without snipes from the people who claim to want change but are unwilling to work anything but their jaws towards towards that goal. Easy enough to snipe – she has at least said she will try to make things better and enough people are willing to give her that opportunity that she got elected. Unless or until she screws it up, let’s give her some support.

  15. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    Amen, PC. She’s only one woman but, often, that’s enough!

  16. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    She is a woman, and so is Condi Rice, Ann Coulter, Madelyn Albright, Janet Reno, etc.

    As to PC’s thought that I blow only invective, work only my jaws, don’t have a viable solution, and engage in supposedly unwarranted snipes? Really, PC? But seriously I don’t recognize myself in that description but see that as being more your on mirror image than mine.

    FYI, I have been protesting wars in one way or another since I was almost a baby. I have engaged in trying to create political parties not controlled by the corporations, and have been members of several of these organizations through the years. I have been involved in politics all along unlike what you say about me, PC.

    This reminds me of the converasation I head a little over a week ago, with a hardcore and very arrogant Democratic Party sheep. He does very little other than bleat about Bush and the neocons all the time, and vote DP. All other political activity to him, and he stated that quite strongly to me, is all a bunch of unreal and diversionist crap, and he even called it part of a problem to not just concentrate on getting good people (read Democrats) elected into office. In short, he does next to nothing other than ‘snipe’ and vote Democratic Party. He is a solution to nothing this country faces.

    Let’s assume that Jan Martin is now going to be sweetie pie on the City Council? So now what do we have? Answer… I think that she at best would be another Richard Skorman type. So little and so what?

  17. Avatar Erte Muse says:

    I agree, if you do not make the Mayor a paid position, then you end up with members of the wealth elite with ties to others in the wealthy elite.

    Consider the source when you look at the voter turn out. We’re talking about Colorado Springs after all. There may be a lot of educated people here, but that doesn’t mean that those same people are the brightest. Look at voter turn out nationally. People have become complacent, even if an issue affects them, they typically sit by and let it happen. This is the state of America, not just Colorado Springs.

    You’re right that we need more than the status quo Democratic or Republican parties, but the general public isn’t going to go out and vote for extremist parties either. The average American looks at the Green party as a group of eco-terrorists who are anti-establishment.

    Or perhaps people are just so sick of the sad state of politics and don’t trust any of them, and mostly people are right. Politicians are just basically legal organized crime. They’re nepotists concerned only with what benefits their own tribes.

    Reality check.

  18. Avatar The 13th says:

    A good write, and a keen observe as well per legally organized crime and nepotism.

    I also agree per C.S. politics not being representation of the U.S. but the topic in this column is indeed per a local election. It has indeed meandered as, of course, local politics are relative to national politics are relative to world politics. Is there life on Mars? God protect them from local politics!!!

    Pay the mayor? Then pay the teachers! Gack. Someone better start advocating taxing the bloody rich, or I’m gonna starve myself with idealism. Ghandi with the Wind.

    I wonder who will pick up the reality check you left on the table?
    We have many waiters out there I’m sure. Anyway at least you left a good tip. Thanks.

    Keep writing when you can, and perhaps NMT can continue feeding heads instead of heading feeds. It’s a grain bag mixed with sugar and salt. Or maybe I’m just hungry…

  19. Avatar CJ says:

    Well sure they should pay us teachers! Hello! But I agree, if you don’t pay the Mayor, you sure as heck aren’t going to get one us “commoners” in the seat who might actually represent the will of the people!

    Is that true that the City Council is in charge of a two billion dollar budget? That sounds kind of high…our taxes are pretty low. Or was that the money that they all get in kickbacks from the developers and construction industry? I got confused!

    Pretty sad voter turn out–no kidding! What kills me is that people didn’t even have to go anywhere to vote or be subjected to limited hours in order to vote. What up C-Springs????

  20. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    The $2B figure I got from the Indy…

    as in Between the Lines, byline Ralph Routon, from the Mar29-Apr4 issue.

    Sounds almost reasonable. They’re putting some pretty expensive shit around the town. I don’t know the city’s share of the 24 West project or even if Colorado has a “split ticket” on stuff like that, but the total cost (ha ha ha,, total MINIMUM cost!) is a quarter of a billion. Just to start it. Pork for the developers of course.
    I have no idea whose ass, exactly, they’re going to pull that money out of, But it’s going to geographically isolate the Hippie West Side and Manitou. We’ll have an effective wall to the east, a wall to the south, and the mountains to the north and west. As a sop they intend to put in a couple of pedestrian crossings…

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