The Poodle saves a head

While American homeland Security were playing the clowns in Boston, America’s cross-Atlantic poodle, Tony Blair, also did his part to crank up mass hysteria. He and his troops of national security saviors moved into action to keep a ‘serviceman’ from being spit on by antiwar protesters, uh… I meant Islamic terrorists. The plan was to kidnap the British ‘serviceman’, spit on him in unison (what torture!), and then to behead him (such theater!). And I guess then, to box the head and then mail the head to Buckingham Palace? As a result, a Red alert was declared and airplanes began to fly over Birmingham to stop the people of wrong faith from getting away!

One would like to think that these are just nutty aberrations of uniformed zealots gone mad without any ulterior motivation? But is it really a coincidence that Homeland Security-America went bezerk in Boston, while at the same time Homeland Security- Britain went bezerk in Birmingham? Hysteria means war. I smell war with Iran in the air.

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