The Pottery Barn community service rule

What is going to happen when this war unravels? Do Americans have any notion of the consequences of losing a war? US bad guyNo one made us apologize for Vietnam. We don’t know! Imagine when we have to make up to everyone for Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s going to mean paying war reparations with a debilitating effect on our economy. And can it mean worse?

It’s the urban-mythologized-product-placement “Pottery Barn Rule,” you break it, you buy it, and the don’t-have-enough-money-to-pay-for-dinner victim restitution principle, where you have to wash the dishes.

At the end of WWII, Russia quietly rounded up all the German ex-soldiers and shipped them off in nighttime trains to Siberian work camps where they remained as captive laborers for as long as a decade after the war. Have our weekend reservists considered that eventuality in their future? Sorry dudes. We’ll be supporting you troops ten years from now, sending off care packages to the Middle East to secret reconstruction camps, location unknown.

2 thoughts on “The Pottery Barn community service rule

  1. This is another example of your bizarre moralizing, Eric. Is it supposed to strike fear into the hearts of US troops your posturing and postulating that they will somehow be sent to labor camps in the future? The Antiwar Movement deserves better commentary for its side than this, since it almost seems calculated to turn off the people supposedly targeted to hear the message. These types of hysterical tangents are totally counterproductive and I worry that this style could become the norm now, over at the J&P?

  2. Tony, this is a blog. We get to say whatever we want. And I’ll say I am not concerned with your “worry” about the J&P as you appear to have little optimism for anything.

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