Somali pirates make black Blackbeards

Abdul Hassan cuts quite the Blackbeard imageGilbert and Sullivan pointed it out: One man’s captain of industry is another man’s pirate. Which is the pirate depends on who’s making the law.

The global corporate media is up in arms about the Somali pirates, in actuality a militia mounted by Somalia’s fishermen to protect their fisheries from international predators. Elsewhere, illegal commercial fishing ships are considered “pirates.” The Somali protectors are called the
Central Regional Coast Guard.

Elsewhere in the world, when national fisheries are threatened by lawless fishing, privateers can capture illegal fishing ships and earn bounties of approximately one million dollars per ship. What a coincidence that’s the figure we’re given about the ransoms demanded by the Somali “pirates” who are seizing international ships off their coast.

Setting aside of course the opportunistic actions by the Somali renegade entrepreneurs to prey upon ANY international vessel, on the pretext that NONE are licensed in Somali waters, since even the temporary US-backed government there is unlicensed, here’s the reason Western warships can’t just blow them out of the water.

Setting aside too, that even as Somalia is lawless, the waters inside Somali’s maritime boarder are sovereign. A foreign navy may declare its helpful intentions, but it has no jurisdiction to order Somalian boaters about.

I’ve seen many varieties of fishermen skiffs. So I puzzled at the uniformity of the pirate raiders in their long white open boats. Have you? Because the pirate enterprise is a uniform flotilla of 100 of such boats. It’s how they can tell each other from would be interloping privateers, and it also gives them their cover of legitimacy.

Foreign would-be sheriffs can’t target the Central Regional Coast Guard because it is basically a militia mounted by the local fishermen, to enforce their claim to their home waters.

Fisheries the world over are regulated. Wherever a government is not capable of enforcing its laws, predatory opportunities arise. Since Somalia fell to war and lawlessness, foreign fishing boats have been poaching the Somali coast without limit. Local fishermen complain that the fisheries are being depleted, but there is no authority to save them.


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