‘Vigilant Shield ’09’? More like just scary and crazy…

putinPurely by coincidence, my daughter and I were out walking on a rather warm Colorado Springs night with our ‘PEACE” dog, Harriet. Little did we know???? As we walked under the stars Wednesday night, my daughter asked me what bright star was that high above Cheyenne Mountain? And I looked….

…and we looked… and we looked.

‘Heck, that’s no star at all’, I said. ‘but what is it?’

And the more we looked, the more we noticed that it was too bright to be either a star or a planet. And then we noticed another more faint light, kind of red light. Then we noticed that there was many more than just one or two unusual lights up there! And they were moving slow and creepy like!

‘What is this?, asked my daughter with increasing anger. I, having grown extremely accustomed to much military nonsense when she was several years younger watching the Navy pilot training play center over Corpus Christi Bay, plus many other similar glimpses at the over militarization of our country, I really did not get to emotional this night at the “Boys with Toys’, but my daughter kept getting angrier and angrier as she became aware that the entire sky seemed taken over by their UFOs. She was hardly calmed down by me mentioning that these flights by the UFOS seemed to slowly criss cross between Cheyenne Mountain, Peterson Air Force Base, and the Air Force Academy. What was going on?!!!! she wanted to know?

I told her that I had no idea what this was all about. However, today I have now learned that it was some sort of bullshit nuclear game role playing called ‘Vigilant Shield ’09’ kickoff from the NORAD bunker here in our fair city. In the olden days of my youth, I would have fallen to my knees, placed my hands behind my head, and stayed close to the floor. I guess the training for this has gotten rather cold now post former Soviet Union times and I did not even inform my daughter how to best protect herself from a nuclear bomb ala ’50s Red Scare days.

‘Cover Up, Honey! You don’t want to get radioactive or pulverized into vapor!’

Here is a good question? What Is NORTHCOM Up To? Let’s follow that by What is Braxton Technologies up to?

I don’t really feel much safer with this going on, and in fact it makes me think maybe Southern Argentina might be a safer place to live than Colorado Springs, which will be Ground Central for a Nuclear Holocaust? Do you feel safer now that Braxton Technologies and others like them are out there making a killing? If you do, then I’d like to know WHY? These fools seem to think that they actually can ‘win’ a nuclear war! More than just a bit scary… Our neighbors here in Colorado Springs are just plain scary and crazy both. 601st Air and Space Operations Center

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6 Responses to ‘Vigilant Shield ’09’? More like just scary and crazy…

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    99 luftbaluns…

  2. Avatar jonah says:

    I listened to it three times last night.. until I got up and turned off the playlist.

  3. Avatar Marie says:

    Little did we know???? About what did you know little????

    Southern Argentina is awesome???? You should check it out!!!!…….

  4. Avatar Apachegila says:

    Your article fails to link the nighttime sightings to VS09 or any other military aerospace activity, for that matter, even by date. In fact, your link to 1st Air Force Public Affairs states “VS09 is a Command Post Exercise (CPX). During a CPX, many of the forces involved in the exercise are notional (sic) and most of the real forces and equipment are not deployed from their home bases.” I presume “notional” is not a typo and means not actual but imaginary deployment only. Just kidding! Of most interest would be to find out what “civil support” and “civilian authorities” are participating as mentioned by The Progressive. Can the NMT militia sign up to practice “civilian-led response(s)” for VS10? After all, duck and cover exercises can never be practiced enough! And who knows? Maybe the locals can book chopper rides high over the Front Range in the night sky next year.

  5. Avatar jonah says:

    How about if the U.S. government for the first time in it’s history actually exercises a little restraint in the area of Nuclear Propagation?

    Maybe take the lead for the first time since Carter in disarmament.

    Adding on multi-billion dollar layers of Missile Shield defenses doesn’t address the basic problem.

    Indirectly, though, it does, but only by making the basic problem worse.

    The basic problem being that of any one nation believing it has a Right or especially a Duty to dominate other nations.

    There’s a partial housecleaning at the top levels of the Dictatorship, Cheney and Bush might even face punishment (in this life even!!) for their murders and lies.

    His Henchmen/Accomplices are lining up waiting to be pardoned before he leaves office.

  6. Avatar jonah says:

    Of course, as stated, there’s no way to tell the difference between an actual deployment and a practice run.

    And other than much loud boast that the missile shield is up, and thus telling the Russians and anybody else who might be interested that Our Representative Big Brother intends to nuke the living bejeezu out of them and they shouldn’t bother preparing to retaliate because Our Empire is so mighty yadda yadda yadda…

    The Air Force won’t actually come out and clearly state their intentions.

    A quick case in point, the Missile Silo fire of last-month-fame…

    Which the Air Force only acknowledged (But don’t worry, kids, Big Brother had it under control, nothing to see here citizens keep moving nothing to see…) after an unofficial statement got picked up by Independent Observers such as Yrs Truly…

    Agent Orange was covered up as much as possible until the DEA issued a statement in the late 70s that they were using paraquat, a different chemical but with the same little Inactive Ingredient (dioxins) and also, as A. O., “just a weed killer”… against Mexican and Colombian marijuana fields.

    And pointed out that Air Force and Army ongoing research showed that burning the residues from it (like the Soldiers and Airmen who burned the withered remains of the vegetation in Viet-Nam) and inhaling the smoke causes all kinds of really ugly nasty things to happen in the respiratory system.

    They didn’t, however, bother checking with the Pentagon about it before releasing the statements, because the Pentagon were in Deep Denial Mode about it.

    So, yeah, independent reporting about the military activities DOES have an impact, and, for the soldiers and civilians it’s an overwhelmingly positive impact.

    The Pentagon and its spokespeople will of course disagree.

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