Al-Qaeda in Iraq back in Afghanistan!

Do you chose to believe this yarn? It’s not long, it’s circular. US casualties in Afghanistan have surpassed casualties in Iraq, and to explain it maybe, US military spokesman have revealed they believe the leadership of al-Qaeda in Iraq is now back in Afghanistan!

Let’s see. We attacked Afghanistan because the Taliban refused to rein in its terrorist arm, purportedly named al-Qaeda. Which may or may not be a figment of US military intelligence imagination. We know about al-Qaeda only through our military interrogator, plus the 19-known hijackers who were dead before there was public mention of al-Qaeda, and no al-Qaeda charges have stuck to any Guantanamo inmate so far.

We can’t find it, do we know “it” exists?

So we attack Iraq which had no known al-Qaeda, until, our same dubious military intelligence people inform us there is an “al-Qaeda in Iraq,” actually, in Mesopotamia, actually, in the Land of the Two Rivers. Depending on the translation.

Was the original logo IN ENGLISH? Actually Osama’s gang was a CIA creation, so the origial al-Qaeda tattoo may have been designed in Langly, then put back and forth through Babblefish to obscure the non-Arabic speaking origins. Or not.

Fair enough, but we still only have our propaganda team to vouch for it, and have we ever known them to tell us anything truthful? Every time insurgents are engaged we hear our forces have killed an al-Qaeda leader. It’s usually the first we’ve heard of the person, and the last. Except the guy they’ve now killed twice.

So every act of violence in Iraq is blamed on AQII until we want to talk about the “surge” working. If we want to declare the “surge” a success, AQII has to goway. And where better than to where it came from (maybe?) Afghanistan!

If we surge into Afghanistan, which Barack Obama has declared we should do, and if THAT’S a hit, soon enough we’ll have it cornered to be al-Qaida in a Cave, and then al-Qaeda in Osama’s Teevee Room!

If we applied the same logic to the Weapons of Mass Destruction supposed to be in Iraq, we could look for them where they came from. The WMD in American chemical weapons companies!

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