American government torture report

yellow-ribbonGuantanamo man tortured into confessing – US judge decides It gets worse, too. The US government is using the torture administered against a juvenile to try to kill this kid over in Cuba… oh! … I meant the robbed portion of Cuba called Guantanamo US military base.

Think of the moral character of the US servicemen and women connected in running this torture center for Bush, Cheney, and their Democratic Party cohort politicians? Oh well, they shouldn’t let any little thing like torture of juvenile Prisoners of War get into the way of their personal careers now should they? I don’t have a pension but I sure wouldn’t want these heroes, ‘our’ service people, to lose theirs that I pay for them to get. That just wouldn’t be morally right! After all, I owe my right to say these dastardly things due to their willingness to go out and torture juvenile POWs in hideaway spots on my behalf. Oh thank you, Heroes! You must be proud! I know that many of you are certainly smug…

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