US gov finally murders ‘ghost detainee’ (POW) tortured by CIA for 7 1/2 years

al Fakhiri, Ali Mohamed Abdul Aziz al ZaraniLibya reports prison suicide of top Qaeda man this week. Translated form CIA Arabic speak, that means he was murdered. Sure… so much has changed with Obama in office! I’m being facetious here. This man was murdered simply because he knew too much about how the Bush Administration tortured POWs in order to try to get them to fabricate ‘evidence’ about a Saddam Hussein-al Qaeda connection to justify their illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq.

A hit by the Libyans for Barack to help put a lid on this scandal? Well you speculate some… (Oh, Tony! Barack is not like that at all!) Sure he is. Certainly the government he heads is! I don’t doubt it for a second.

This reminds me of the President of Guatemala who has been just accused by an assassinated dead man of having murdered him. Luckily, unlike this victim of the CIA and Obama, he taped his accusation on youtube and it begins…

‘if you are hearing this, then I am already dead.’ And he is! See the video The Unspeakable Murder of Rodrigo Rosenberg (English subtitles) and the second part The Unspeakable Murder of Rodrigo Rosenberg Marzano (English sub.) part 2/2

A side note to this report about the CIA murder of this tortured American-held POW, is the last words this man made to Human Rights Watch which were…

“Where were you when I was being tortured in American prisons?”

Good question, Fakhiri. I went to the Human Rights Watch website again and it is amazing how this group never sees wars of aggression as being human rights violations. There’s nothing about US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan there! Seems to simply have escaped their interest or concern! They, at best, have been like a gnat to the US government at times, but in the meantime, they usually are absolutely MIA. Fakhiri’s murder case is case in point.

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  1. More about Rodrigo Rosenberg in Guatemala…

    Comments below taken from

    I don’t understand why this hasn’t been the top news item around the world the last couple of days.

    In Guatemala, a prominent attorney is murdered while out for a Sunday bicycle ride. Soon thereafter, on a newspaper web site and youtube, there is a video from the dead lawyer stating point blank that the reason he is dead is that the President had him killed.

    This is not a novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It is what is going on on the front pages of central american newspapers right now. If you search for “Guatemala” and “Rosenberg” –the lawyer’s name– on youtube you can hear the video, in two parts. It is a long and intricate tale he spins about the murder of a couple of other folks supposedly in connection with a cover-up of an alleged fraud and embezzlement at a putative rural investment bank that is so convoluted that –frankly– the impression one gets is that this guy is crazy. Especially because there’s no hint anywhere in the video of actual verifiable evidence, documents, reports or testimony to back up what he says.

    On the other hand, what seems to be the strongest possible corroboration of the charges has emerged: his assassination.

    The reaction of the government of President Alvaro Colom was, at first, to issue a communiqué denying the dead lawyer’s accusation. Then the president himself recorded a message Sunday night or perhaps just after midnight, with the entire cabinet standing behind him.

    Incredibly, what was broadcast by what I’m told is the leading private channel was an EDITED version of the President’s statement. What had been left out? Just the president’s explanation that this was part of a conspiracy by narcotraffickers and ultrarightists against the government and its social programs.

    And this claim from Colom isn’t absurd. In case you haven’t been following Guatemala closely, while nobody has accused president Colom of being another Fidel, he has led what is by all accounts a progressive-minded national government [in the political sense of “national,” the same sense as the government of the Kirchners in Argentina] that has enacted a series of measures to help (or if you prefer, represent concessions to) the popular classes in the areas of education, health care, housing and food/income subsidies.

    Moreover, the President invited the truth and reconciliation commission sponsored, I believe, by the OAS, to become part of the official investigation into the Rosenberg and earlier assassinations. He also specifically asked the United States for the collaboration of the FBI in investigating the case…

  2. who cares. he deserved to die. now he is with Allah, where his sorry a$$ belongs.

  3. For all a dumb ass like you knows he was innocent. Not that a thug dumb ass like you would care though.

  4. thanks for your news coverage. I read your articles on torture – which I am completely against (by Bush/Cheney and Obama – I am always against torture).

    well, wow… “stop following me”, huh?? Jesus is the Person to follow. Read the Gospels. You’d never find anything valid to criticize about Jesus. Also, have you ever thought about what REALLY would be the ideal economic system?? Not socialism. If you think about it, in socialism the totalitarians in Government are REALLY capitalist pigs. That’s what a dictator is. So, the capitalist in a socialist state is the dictator – and the people have no power to unionize or organize to gain rights. They are completely powerless. It’s the absolute worst state for workers. They become slaves. It’s total capitalism with the dictator being the corporatist. In fact, when govt and corporations combine – actually, the Government becmes THE corporation. Really, really, really bad idea. They have the police state to oppress the poor workers and turn them into slave. So, socialism is a really bad idea even if it’s desire for equality is noble.

    MUCH better is gift-based economies. In a gift-based economy, there is individual ownership, and freedom. BUT, the focus is not on self-enrichment, but rather in becoming givers out of their surplus. All out of their own liberty and freedom. A democratic republican gift-based free market economy is the way to go. In a gift-based economy, people give out of their own free will – and industry – to eliminate poverty. It is not capitalism because the goal is not self-enrichment. It is not socialism because it does not turn people into slaves. Rather, it is the best economy because it is by the free will of the people, the most prosperous, the most efficient, and has power to “overflow” outside the national borders to become a gift-based economy to the poor of other nations in an effort to ease global poverty in the most efficient manner possible without limiting freedom or maknig slaves of anyone. It most honors human dignity and human liberty and man rising to his truly highest level. Man cannot rise to his highest level by compulsion. Rather by free will.

    The true Church of Jesus Christ is not capitalistic… nor is it socialistic. It is a gift-based economy. If you really check, I think you will find that it is the Christian church where people are free who have, in actuality, done the very best job of meeting the needs of the hungry and poor around the world – out of free will effort and love for fellow humanity to end global poverty.

    And, to me, it is banksters like David Rockefeller and the people in power who are responsible for global poverty out of their socialist/capitalist efforts to impoverish the nations and rule.

    The free people of the world must unite in brotherly love to raise up all people out of poverty – or do the very best they can to do so. All mankind are made in the image of God. You say, “Stop following me”. But I say, Jesus is the Savior of all the world. The Bible has been misunderstood. Jesus really did save everyone on the cross – all mankind equally. The truth of the gospel is that God destroys all evil on Judgment Day – and recreates all mankind anew.

    We shall have our perfect economy in Heaven. We can only do our best here on earth. We, truly, are all children of God in creation – and shall be in perfection in the end.
    Jesus is the Savior of all the world – and has only done good and loved everyone equally. Please don’t say, “Stop following me”. If we followed Him better, we would be better people. And we would have a better economic system. His is much better than capitalism or socialism. He sets free and truly empowers mankind to be their best and to care for others in equality in LIBERTY…. out of motives of brotherly love.


  5. Yeah, Laura, but the people in Government who “follow” Jesus just use His name to justify their evil deeds, not repent of them or try to correct them in any way.

    It should be noted here that both Tariq Aziz and the Iraqi Doctor the U.S. Pentagon called “Lady Germ” are Catholic. Not Muslim.

    Also that the supposedly sha’ariah government of Saddam Hussein was condemned by al Qa’eda before being condemned by the U.S. and had more female doctors and Other University Students and Graduates per capita than ANY other nation in the region including and especially the U.S. Puppet governments of Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

    Kind of blurs the lines between What The Pentagon Says and what happens in Real Life.

    The Pentagon and, sadly, most of the “christian” priesthood only say the scripted lies told them by their shared Corporate Masters.

    Judging by the propaganda coming from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Thailand, Pakistan, the newly “liberated” puppet government-religious propagandists in Iraq and Afghanistan…

    The vast majority of the religious leaders of the world are whoring after the War Machine. It IS a religion unto itself, and even called that in the Bible. “casting away the gods of his fathers and worshiping instead the god of forces”.

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