Barack Obama’s recent Bill Crosby style Jello moment

jello.jpg Pastor Obama says that, ‘Too many fathers are M.I.A., too many fathers are AWOL, missing from too many lives and too many homes. They have abandoned their responsibilities, acting like boys instead of men.” So spoke Obama while at church on last Father’s Day… This was Barack Obama’s Bill Crosby style Jello moment.

Lest we forget, Bill Cosby is a Black millionaire who popularized himself with Whites by acting Republican in this manner. Republicans love Black folk when they echo their own racist sentiments! Yes they do! They love it when somebody with a tan gets off on castigating cliché absent ghetto dads!

‘Bad boys bad boys, what you going to do when they come for you’ routines. Well yeah, get down with Jesse Helms and crowd, why don’t you?

But let us not forget, that these bad ‘boys’ that Obama and Cosby put the blame on simply don’t make those 6 figure annual salaries of their denouncers. They are not attorneys, politicians, and actors in Jello commercials. They live real lives, many of them lives of desperation due to the racist economic, legal, and educational structures of our racist USA. Why Hell, many of these men don’t even go to church so that they can spout off their hateful pseudo religiosity like Cosby and Obama are most prone to do.

Barack Obama is following in the media made footsteps of Bill Clinton, who the corporate press ludicrously dubbed as supposedly being ‘America’s First Black President’. Many bought for a while this nonsense, even many Blacks? What Clinton and his wife actually were were racists passing themselves off as being charitable to Blacks, even as they screwed the Black community as a whiole over royal. Now along comes Obama, who is actually part Black, who is totally prepared to do more of the same, all in the name of bringing America together!

What helps this campaign of promoting the Left image of Obama most of all towards having success is the rabidity of the nutty Right, who simply don’t think that Barack Obama hates Black males as much as say, a Jesse Helms does. They don’t find him intolerant enough of undocumented workers either. I mean Look, he even has the same skin color of some of them Haitian rabble! Sink that Obama boat! This sort of Republican Right rabies is enough to stampede the liberals into thinking that Obama must be a real sweetheart if the Nazis hate him so. But they are wrong.

In fact, I still can’t stomach watching that asshole Bill Cosby. Thank god he is rightfully retired (more or less) so that we don’t see him as often as we once did. Now I do like Redd Fox (also retired). He was a good dad and a better comedian still. True, he did run a junkyard but at least he won’t help make America into more of a junkyard, as the Democratic Party behind Obama’s imagery most certainly will.

Thank about it a little, Boys (and Girls). I like Cynthia, too, though the party she is a candidate for is a laughable charade. There are better choices than BO out there. One better choice is simply to not vote in this charade of pretend democracy that the corporations have sold to us as their product. Don’t buy.

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