American liberal intellectualism in crisis

The IntellectualsAmerican liberal intellectualism is in a state of crisis today. The intellectuals that guide liberalism keep shouting to the Democratic Party to stop collaborating with the Republican Party and to be a true opposition as today’s liberals have thought they always were.

The post World War II outlook of American liberal intellectuals is beginning to crumble and Barack Obama marks the line for a new transformation in American liberal politics. Obama simply is not going to do as the liberal intellectuals demand he act. Liberals can scream and wail and shout and it will all be for naught. The Democrats and Republicans are merely two branches of the same entity, which is that of being the American Corporate Party. And Barack Obama and thee Democratic Party leadership will continue to act as Republican collaborationists.

Barack Obama comes to the forefront precisely at the beginning of the great breakup in the appearance of American Empire. For the last six decades, the American Empire has posed itself as a benign world enforcer, a cop for the public good. Today, that image is all in shreds, and Barack will not be able to put it back together again. Certainly not with his plans to attack Iran, continue to oppress Afghanistan with a USA occupation, and continue to lie and fudge about US occupation and genocide in Iraq. And not with the coming global capitalist economic meltdown.

Yes, American liberalism is in crisis and it bears to take a look at how it has reacted to such crisis in the past.

‘…the record is plain that from the twenties to the forties the majority of anti-capitalist intellectuals passed through three phases which were marked out by the mighty national and world events of the time. From the stock market crash to Hitler’s victory and Roosevelt’s, assumption of office they were torn loose from their previous moorings and swung sharply to the left. From 1933 to the Spanish civil war and the Moscow trials they deepened their commitments and produced the initial differentiations. From 1937 through the crushing of the Spanish revolution, the Stalin-Hitler pact and the Second World War they began the flight from radicalism which was consummated in the wholesale recanting characteristic of the cold war.’

The author, George Novack, is talking about how American liberal intellectuals of his time went from being much like they are today, to becoming radicalized and anti-capitalist, and then beaten back and conservatized once again. The entire history as told by him can be read at Radical Intellectuals in the 1930s

What we get over a period of time, is that America’s liberal leaning intellectuals most resemble a giant bowl of Jello not quite congealed in the refrigerator. They are not the most steadfast citizens amongst the general population. They like to go with the flow more than anything else, so they will be torn asunder when the times change once again.

Look for many of the liberal intellectuals to walk around in circles acting stunned in the next coming years. They just don’t have too many intellectual (or societal) resources to do much anything of else. Despite being the foremost world authorities on everything, they don’t have the real power in their hands, and as such, like servants everywhere, most will do as the Patron dictates while griping about it in the shadows.

Denver D’Alliance for Democracy

Alliance for Real Democracy
Here is current the schedule of ARN events:


All Day City Park
Set up at City Park

Afternoon (TBD) City Park
Resurrection City Free University
Non-Violence Training

5:00 – 10:00 PM Gates Crescent Park
Welcoming BBQ & Drinks for the Delegates


All Day Platte River & Cherry Creak Trails
AFSC Banners
AFSC is planning on displaying banners for about 100 yards in each direction from REI.

All Day City Park
Art Installations
A variety of art pieces representing progressive ideals.

(9:00 AM
End on Speer Blvd in front of the Pepsi Center.
End the Occupations March and Rally
March to end all illegal imperialist occupations in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Hawaii, North America, and others.)

1:00 PM Various Denver Locations
Funk the War: Dance for Peace
A creative action with an emphasis on music and visuals. Smaller feeder marches lead to a central location with a concert.

Immediately Following Funk the War/Dance Party for Peace City Park
Concert featuring: Son of Nun, Jello, Brian Harvey, David Rovics

7:00 PM Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater
Evening of Conscience: No Attack on Iran
Feature performances on opposing any moves towards a U.S. attack on Iran.

(Evening Central Presbyterian Church, 1660 Sherman St.
Progressive Welcome to Denver)


10:30 AM City Park
Town Hall Meeting
Brief ARD meeting to review the day.

12:00 – 6:00 PM City Park
Resurrection City Free University
A free university focusing on praxis and theory

5:00 PM City Park
Nomination of Partyless Youth Ticket
A chance for the youth to nominate a candidate that speaks to them.

Evening (TBD) TBD
Cynthia McKinney Speech
Speech by presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney.

6:30 PM City Park
A concert highlighting many powerful and talented women.


10:30 AM City Park
Town Hall Meeting
Brief ARD meeting to review the day.

11:00 AM Skyline Park
A Walk in their Shoes
Thousands of shoes will represent the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have died.

12:00 – 6:00 PM City Park
Resurrection City Free University
A free university focusing on praxis and theory

3:00 PM City Park
Concert featuring Blue Scholars, David Rovics, and others.

Afternoon (TBD) City Park
Partyless Youth Platform
The youth will be given an opportunity to create their platform.

Afternoon/ Evening (TBD) Downtown
Operation First Casualty
Street theater that demonstrates the reality of war.

(6:30 PM City Park
Democratic Party “Watching Party”
Local Democrats will host a big-screen TV for non-seated Democrats to watch the Convention.)


10:30 AM City Park
Town Hall Meeting
Brief ARD meeting to review the day.

12:00 – 6:00 PM City Park
Resurrection City Free University
A free university focusing on praxis and theory

12:00 Noon City Park
Concert featuring: Flobots, State Radio, The Coup, Wayne Kramer, Son of Nun, Jello, and others.

Afternoon (TBD) City Park
Partyless Youth Acceptance Speech
The Partyless Youth nominee will give an acceptance speech.

3:30 PM TBD
IVAW March to End the War
Iraq Veterans Against the War will march in opposition to the war in Iraq.

(Evening Buelle Theater
Cultural Events: Cornel West and the Flobots)


10:30 AM City Park
Town Hall Meeting
Brief ARD meeting to review the day.

Immigrant Rights March and Rally
The march, with a national scope, will provide a venue for immigrants and their allies to demonstrate their decree for just and fair reform for our country’s broken immigration system.

12:00 – 6:00 PM City Park
Resurrection City Free University
A free university focusing on praxis and theory

Obama’s Acceptance Speech
Obama will give his acceptance speech to 75,000 people at INVESCO Field. ARD hopes to have a presence outside.)


All Day City Park
Tear Down and Clean Up
All of ARD will be needed to help clean and clear City Park

All Day TBD
Buses to St. Paul
ARD would like to help coordinate buses and carpooling to St. Paul for the Republican National Convention.

Barack Obama’s recent Bill Crosby style Jello moment

jello.jpg Pastor Obama says that, ‘Too many fathers are M.I.A., too many fathers are AWOL, missing from too many lives and too many homes. They have abandoned their responsibilities, acting like boys instead of men.” So spoke Obama while at church on last Father’s Day… This was Barack Obama’s Bill Crosby style Jello moment.

Lest we forget, Bill Cosby is a Black millionaire who popularized himself with Whites by acting Republican in this manner. Republicans love Black folk when they echo their own racist sentiments! Yes they do! They love it when somebody with a tan gets off on castigating cliché absent ghetto dads!

‘Bad boys bad boys, what you going to do when they come for you’ routines. Well yeah, get down with Jesse Helms and crowd, why don’t you?

But let us not forget, that these bad ‘boys’ that Obama and Cosby put the blame on simply don’t make those 6 figure annual salaries of their denouncers. They are not attorneys, politicians, and actors in Jello commercials. They live real lives, many of them lives of desperation due to the racist economic, legal, and educational structures of our racist USA. Why Hell, many of these men don’t even go to church so that they can spout off their hateful pseudo religiosity like Cosby and Obama are most prone to do.

Barack Obama is following in the media made footsteps of Bill Clinton, who the corporate press ludicrously dubbed as supposedly being ‘America’s First Black President’. Many bought for a while this nonsense, even many Blacks? What Clinton and his wife actually were were racists passing themselves off as being charitable to Blacks, even as they screwed the Black community as a whiole over royal. Now along comes Obama, who is actually part Black, who is totally prepared to do more of the same, all in the name of bringing America together!

What helps this campaign of promoting the Left image of Obama most of all towards having success is the rabidity of the nutty Right, who simply don’t think that Barack Obama hates Black males as much as say, a Jesse Helms does. They don’t find him intolerant enough of undocumented workers either. I mean Look, he even has the same skin color of some of them Haitian rabble! Sink that Obama boat! This sort of Republican Right rabies is enough to stampede the liberals into thinking that Obama must be a real sweetheart if the Nazis hate him so. But they are wrong.

In fact, I still can’t stomach watching that asshole Bill Cosby. Thank god he is rightfully retired (more or less) so that we don’t see him as often as we once did. Now I do like Redd Fox (also retired). He was a good dad and a better comedian still. True, he did run a junkyard but at least he won’t help make America into more of a junkyard, as the Democratic Party behind Obama’s imagery most certainly will.

Thank about it a little, Boys (and Girls). I like Cynthia, too, though the party she is a candidate for is a laughable charade. There are better choices than BO out there. One better choice is simply to not vote in this charade of pretend democracy that the corporations have sold to us as their product. Don’t buy.

The Justice and Peace Commission’s Annual Meeting

Luckily I have to work and can’t participate in the nonsense called the J&P annual meeting. You see, the J&P has no other general membership meetings but just one poorly organized charade of a participatory event per year.

CS city council woman, Jan Martin, is the headlined speaker, and was chosen by nobody other than an irresponsible office staff that couldn’t think of any thing better to do with its time than to listen to Jan. Why Jan Martin of all possible choices? She’s not exactly an outspoken voice for peace and justice at all, now is she?

The choice was simply made and stupidly done because the J&P has office staff that think it most important to nuzzle up to ‘responsible violence’ …I meant ‘responsible power’… so they can curry favor. Last year they invited Ken Salazar’s local voice, Poor Pathetic Richard, to speak to the annual gathering. That was where he argued that it would be dangerous to withdraw from Iraq. It could hurt the Iraqi people he said with regret dripping from his cynical forked tongue. A great choice for a pro peace gathering, right, this Pathetic Richard? In short, it was a bad joke having him there! He is not pro peace at all. Merely pro career.

So not having learned anything but merely blundering repetitively ahead, the J&P administration has invited another such type to this years gala ball. We should be demanding that the Colorado Springs city council pass resolutions against this war, against the use of torture, and against Fort Carson Expansion. But no! The office staff want to ‘dialog’ with power, and any power that will throw them a bone, too. They will not make demands on anybody, and they will only try to triangulate into the lowest common denominator.

Jan Martin will speak to how good is good, and bad is bad, no doubt… Clap, clap, clap. Yawn, yawn, yawn. Boo, boo, boo… And the J&P hides in the shadows of the city because it is too scared and gutless to push forward with any fervor and passion, which would all involve taking some powers on instead of hugging them.

The problem with the J$P is that it is an organization run on bigger donations that are mainly used to fund a rather conservatized, rather do little, paid staff. These staff look at non salaried J&P members at times, as if they were trespassers by having other agendas than their own ‘united way’ funding approach. In fact, some salaried staff do graduate from the J$P funding school approach and do go directly into United Way funding afterwards for their new jobs. That has happened.

So what happens when people want to meet and there is only one annual meeting? They just give up PUNTO. It certainly turns new people away with this type of doing business ‘peace organizing’. They would have more democracy in their local church working together with Pastor Pretense running the entireshow.

At the J$P, new folk run around scratching their heads trying to find what they can do to fit in? They can eventually fit in some eventually, but only if they spend hours and hours and hours getting to know the various social grouplets that are administered to by the paid office staff. They have to be baptized by immersion into the jello pudding like ‘consensus’ adminstered by the salaried staff huddled in the office.

Is all this really anyway to organize against the war and injustice? Or a gigantic waste of time? Maybe Jan Martin can tell us at the annual meeting? Jan, is it good to be good? I don’t want to be bad to be bad. Think God I am having to work today. Isn’t this a sad and corrupt way to fight for justice and peace? We deserve better than this if we are against The Wars and looking to fight them.

Paid office people…. ‘Oh no. Don’t fight! Come together.’

And this year they brought in somebody who once again is little for Peace to talk to the more liberal who are. Counselling to the annual members extreme I guess it must seem to them, those paid and conservatized ‘peace activists’ who think that their way is the best way.

They get paid to think like that… ‘consensus’ always… and never quite understand why others seem to disagree with their choices? That’s because we are not adminstrators, Dudes. In fact, we prefer an organization not divided into a caste system of paid adminstrators and general members.