Bush and The Democrats push for war with Syria and Iran

In the news today, the Bush Administration is blaming Iran for US troop deaths in Iraq, and at the same time is accusing Syria of having a secret nuclear weapons production program. And the Democratic Party stands by in silent acquiescence with this rhetoric to justify starting a war with these 2 countries.

And what’s up at the local Peace group HQ, where the ‘peace’ troops are dominated by a salaried group of Democratic-Party-voting office staff? They too seem to be standing by silently in acquiescence and acceptance of this new rhetoric for an expansion of US-made war to Syria and Iran!

‘Syria and Iran, who are they? We certainly don’t plan to do anything before hand to publicize their presence on the world map. We’re too busy with fund raising, Earth Day, and Peace Camp.’

It’s a sad world we live in, since nobody seems to ever learn from the past. The time to start protesting is NOW, and not later after this war has already begun. Wake up, People!

1 thought on “Bush and The Democrats push for war with Syria and Iran

  1. Yo Tony,
    Maybe the “peace” folks have woke up. Could it be you are asleep? Yep, it is a sad world where no one seems to remember their history. Well maybe russia. Comminism is gone so there is hope for red china & cuba, ah seems it to is moving on. About time for the cuba folks. Try the Rep party, Tony sure beats the Demo party.

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