For dummies, morons or complete idiots

Literature for Illiterates
A friend of mine says the best guide to constitutional law among titles he’s surveyed is The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the U.S. Constitution. I’d prefer the 70’s era light-hearted For Beginners incarnation as a recommendation. Not just because that series has the co-op recycled paper look compared to the cautionary yellow & black, distinctly generic (re. anti- aesthetic) packaging of the current self-hating imprimatur.

I think the trendy For Utter Morons marketing attitude is a horrible acceptance of today’s sorry anti-intellectual state of affairs. The American viewer-ship has shown itself as audience, gathering, or consumer group, to BE complete idiots. Or dummies, or worse, no question. But do we need to wear the sign? Why that indignity too?

Rush Limbaugh can talk to us like we’re idiots, make jokes which we’ll laugh at like idiots, or have us applaud unknowingly at our own duping like idiots. But I’d like to draw the line at being called an idiot for the laugh.

No, I’d rather a book “for the novice” or “an introduction to” or other healthy self-depricating sobriquet. Perhaps I am also put off by the condescension. Astrophysics in Plain Words would also disqualify.

You say the “Complete Idiot” reference is just a joke, it’s meant to be funny, to be catchy, to sell books. Being an idiot myself much of the time, I don’t find it funny at all. Neither would I find amusing, Beauty for Ugly Girls, Etiquette for Poor People, or Landlording for Assholes.

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2 Responses to For dummies, morons or complete idiots

  1. Avatar Jonah says:

    GW could use any reference book on the Constitution.

    He swore an oath three times to uphold and defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic (the first time was when he joined the National Guard)

    that “my pet goat” book is two pages long… and half of each page is pictures…

    “unhappy is the land, whose king is a child”…

    That could be read a couple of ways, one is that the Old King didn’t last long enough for his kid to grow up ….

    and the other is that a complete dufus of a powerbroker running the business is a really bad thing to have.

  2. Avatar The 13th says:

    I truly agree with this rant, Eric. The Idiot’s Guide to Self-Deprecation is not the best way to practice self-improvement.

    Speaking of Idiot Guides, it’s almost voting season again. Here in Colorado they are debating whether polling machines are more reliable than manual votes. Yep, line up a bunch of bureacrats, take their shoes off (for counting higher than 10) and you can depend on a fair democracy.

    It’s wonderful to live in such a modern age. Lincoln’s penny never looked so shiny (and worthless).

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